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Kilik Chambers - Hallways->Abandon Lugia White Dorm

Mana sounded upset. Kilik was questioning himself of what she had said earlier. He was too occupied with Tentou's evolution, so it was obvious he wasn't listening. Then suddenly, she runs off with Felicity. It's obvious she had something to say, even though she threw it out there as if it were nothing. Kilik can read facial expressions well, so it's obvious what she wanted to say was important. It's his fault she feels depressed. It's up to Kilik to ease the pain.

"Return for now, Tentou," Kilik states, returning Tentou to his Pokeball. He sighs, rubbing his head before beginning his search. Mana took this path, so I should follow along. The walk took a few minutes before Kilik stopped near the entrance. He found Mana, but hid as he saw a Zorua near her. Zorua's normally don't roam around this area. Mana follows the Zorua somewhere, so Kilik keeps up, quietly hidden. He didn't know where this Zorua was taking her, but it obviously wasn't good.

Eventually, everyone stops at a strange dorm. Strange... Why hasn't Kilik ever seen this room? Only one way to find out. When he hears Mana scream, Kilik charges in & finds her surrounded. He looks more closely, seeing them as no mere ghosts, but Pokemon. "Perfect..." What is wrong with this Zorua? He sends out Mistress to deal with the problem. "Deal them some Night Slash, if you will Mistress." Mistress smirks & targets each Pokemon with Night Slash, having too much fun.

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