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Originally Posted by Gengarism View Post
When you go online, your pokemon that are above level 50 are rounded down to 50. Does this mean that your stats go to what they were at 50? (meaning if I didn't evolve my Riolu until 51, the stats would reverse back to what they were at 50 as Riolu instead of Lucario's level 50 stats?).

Also would it be best to evolve my riolu at an earlier level because I noticed that I am still gaining speed and attack EVs from EV training past level 50... Will my EVs be maxed out in online play?
When your Pokémon are taken down to level fifty, their stats would be lowered as well, unfortunately. ): You're free to evolve your Riolu whenever you want, but I would recommend training it a bit further since it's still gaining Speed and Attack EVs. Also, you would be able to teach this Pokémon a move called Final Gambit when it's at level fifty-five.

Your EVs won't be affected when you're battling online. You should be able to keep them as they are.