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Hello there. This might be a bit short, but then again I'm only aiming for a regular Knight spot. And I know how I want to play her, so she isn't shallow just because the SU might look thin.

Name | Ribibin Triss

Age | 23

Gender | Female

Pokemon Species | Weavile (I think Razor Claw isn't a very mechanical item, right?)

Job Title | Knight of the Oran

Appearance | Without her armor or Gem on.
Ribibin is lean and strong and always makes sure to keep her fur clean and shiny. Being a female, the feathers on her ears are a bit shorter than for males. She wears armor on her shoulders, chest, thighs and knees. The armor is made of a very light but strong metal that has the color of dark, almost black silver. The edges of every part are lined with curls of silver, for decorational purposes. She does not wear a helmet, even though some say she is foolish not to. The reason she doesn't is that she wants to be able to see well, and the reason she wears light armor rather than covering up her whole body with it, is that she wants to be able to move swiftly still. Her gem of knighthood is worn over the yellow gem in her forehead, on a black headband. It naturally never breaks, since it's so hard.

Personality |
Self-confident, stubborn and mischievous are words that describe Ribibin well. She is used to males thinking they are more important than her and she has learned to handle that by becoming tough and by laughing off any insult pointing at her being weaker than her male colleagues. She knows it's the way of life, that male are better than women and that women should just accept their fate and be grateful for the males to protect and care for them. But some part of her really thinks that things could be, should be, different. Especially when she sees slobby, stupid males getting praised for things she would hardly get an acknowledging nod for.

She is cunning and clever and speed and swiftness are her strengths, while her physical strength probably never will be on par with the males'. She likes to fight and doesn't want to keep quiet and sit still while males do all the dirty work. She doesn't have any real friends but she doesn't think she needs them anyways. The way to get along in this world seems to be by being strong individually. And she means to be, even though she follows the order and says she believes in everything they stand for. In most ways, she actually does. Mechanics was bad for the world once and it would be bad for the world if it was used again. That's what she's heard and she sees no reason to don't believe it.

History |
As a young Sneasel, Ribibin lived in one of the less famous cities in the Council's lands. As her mother was a Knight of the Oran who had been forced to retire when she had fallen in love and laid an egg, Ribibin swore early on to become a Knight as well one day and show the Council that females were strong in their own way and that her mother had been unfairly treated. But after a while, the young Sneasel had learned that she'd better not speak this thoughts out loud. Her mother even forbade her to.

Ribibin trained all her life and did become a Knight eventually. Both she and her mother saw the Mechanists as foolish lunatics who didn't realize what they were gambling with, so they had no qualms about the Council's force against those people. Ribibin never knew her father and used to dream about finding and meeting her. All her mother said was that he wasn't a Sneasel. Nowadays, she thinks he was probably just another slobby male Knight or even worse - a random civilian. So she doesn't really hold on to that dream anymore.

Moveset | Ice Shard, Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Agility
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