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    dubl pozt 4 teh wiin

    Well now that I'm finally out of that cave I guess the next step is getting to the pogeyman centre. I just hope there are no interruptions.

    Oh fiddlesticks.

    Hahaha, that duck just quacked it's last quack!

    Hahaha, that cat just meowed it's last meow!

    Removed because Xephyr apparently owns this style of joke and I don't want to get into any copyright trouble.

    Tell that to the post man, he makes me go on errands all the time, I've told him time after time "Dude, you would be a whole lot thinner if you would just do the errands yourself, that and stop stealing pies from the pokemart." and then he sai-oh, right the let's play!

    I'm not going to lie. That was pretty easy.

    That lamppost looks like it's been attacked by a missingno.


    Apparently in Rijon, "No" means "Oh yes I would be delighted!"

    Hahaha, that Pichu is fat.

    Die small infants!


    Don't worry, I can help make some more, just give me your wife's number.

    I don't know, but I think I may have just brutally murdered a few of them.

    Oh crap.

    This should work...

    Oh em ef gee!

    No more mister nice guy :(

    Ok. That's the last straw.

    Ha! I just hope she doesn't have another of they.....things.

    My luck sucks as much as your mother does to my.....lollipop. Yes. I meant lollipop. That is correct.

    Anyone else getting really mad here?

    Hmmmmmm....this doesn't look too good....



    You're serious? You're the one who sang Poison Ivy to sleep, brutally murdered Batman, and seduced Balboa!


    Haha, your Pocket Monster doesn't love you!


    Meh, it's not as if a teenage boy in a world where he get's to travel the world on his own enslaving wild animals has anything better to do, why not?


    Leech life should come in handy here, and when it's down to low hp....



    <Insert obvious internet meme here>


    Oh's a fried chicken.


    I didn't have to be, did you honestly think you could beat me with a green thing, an internet phenomenon, and something you bought at KFC? I KILL BABIES FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS!

    Ok, seriously, now I'm starting to worry.

    If you read this you are dumb.