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    Originally Posted by Aligatueur View Post
    Awesome to see that release.

    Moreover since i posted virustotal for every file with 1.0 :

    This is pretty exciting !
    I'm gonna start to check / work on it tomorrow. I'll check everything with my friends to bring some suggestions. Not sure if I can help directly, but i'd love to give some help / advices on this project.

    Thanks again !

    Really thx about the Scan < 3
    It was like I said, some releases may present something "suspicious" since it is an independent production. We use Dll's to emulate things in the engine.

    However, if you have any doubts or problems, or even think of systems that would be good or ways to improve the engine, I would be grateful to read and try to find ways to do it.


    For more advanced customs and own if you wish to contact me ...

    These versions I aim to cover the largest number of people .. so it would be difficult to put more "specific" things.
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