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    Originally Posted by Alter Ego View Post
    Seven minutes and twenty-four seconds? Good sir, I will have you know that you have insulted me most grievously. For the righteous indignation that I experienced upon seeing that card, ten minutes of solid laughter is bare minimum. My honor demands retribution! A duel, I say! Card games at dawn and to the death! *White glove slap* xO

    Yeah, because obviously we aren't packing x amount of S/T removal cards that wipe out Field Barrier anyway, right? The day you start treating field barrier as a threat card is the day when you have to give your deck a seriously critical glance. Oh, and having just virulent isn't as hot as it looks because...well, how are you going to amass enough empaths in your graveyard to make use of that removed restriction? Empath Recall is the most obvious, but then you just totally dissed that one. xD

    Ahem, point is that the mindscapes are meant to work in tandem, hence the tag-out replacement effect. Virulent is the strongest when it's time to make an offensive push, yes, but Tranquil speeds up your assembling of the cards you need for that push while Twisted lets you recycle the graveyard effects that are most useful for what you have in mind. Don't discount them so easily. ;D

    True, but then Deppression does serve a somewhat different purpose than Necro Gardna to begin with in that it makes it a lot harder to just casually hit over things. Say you've got Restlessness in attack and Deppression in your graveyard while your opponent has two 1600 Atk + monsters on their field. Where Gardna just blocks the damage, Deppression actually protects the monster as well sine your opponent will either have to bring a 2200+ Atk monster to the table or be prepared to sacrifice one monster just to get rid of the thing...unless of course they want to wait for monster removal or Crow. Yes, there is plenty of removal in the format, but none of it is cost-free, and each piece put out is a piece of removal sacrificed and/or jeopardized. Then, of course, there's the fact that even in destroying your monsters this way the opponent isn't leaving you empty-handed because of the graveyard effects. ;3

    And double the use rate because you no longer have to wait an additional turn before changing its battle position again. It's recyclable Ring of Destruction on legs, for pity's sake, how much more do you expect from your big beaters, you picky person, you? xD

    I was told there would be cake! Isn't that enough?

    Eh, All in all I think the biggest failing is that you can't drop Empath Fiends from your hand or deck and get their effects without Tranquil Mindscape. Still, creative set, as usual, and much better than the original psychics. As you've admitted, they're still horribly slow but with Apathy they do have the potential to draw the game out a little more now and I get the feeling that they may see a new day at the dawn of the next format. :3

    Umm...sorry, my friend, but you completely misread that one. Allow me to put emphasis where emphasis is due:

    Yes, it's own. Not the equipped mech's; Dummy Plug's secondary Atk boost effect. To make it perfectly clear, this one:

    The underlined and bolded effect accomplishes nothing whatsoever because the first effect immediately reverts the equipped monster's Atk back to 2000, see? That's why I suggested using original Atk to resolve the issue.

    Whoops. Totally forgot about Dummy Plug's own Atk bonus. 0.o

    Anyways, now that I've gotten to express myself in bold and underline after such a long time...let's move on. xD

    Angel Attack Warning (revamp): Yeah, this is better. My issue with the original was that it was "do everything that Forced Back does plus extras" which didn't really seem...well, fair, to be honest. xP

    As for the synchro you guys have a source or something for that? Because I've been searching for those rulings for ages, but there seems to be no word of God around and the rest is split between 'treat them as ritual' (which is tribute) and 'treat them as fusion' (which isn't), so I just sort of guessed. Meh, anyways...


    Well, based on 5Ds, it looks like they aren't treated as fusion-material or tribute. *shot'ed for using anime as source material* I think that monsters sent to the grave for a Synchro summon are exactly that: monsters sent to the grave for a Synchro summon. I'm pretty sure that the ruling states "sent to the graveyeard" as opposed to release/tribute...

    Empath Fiend - Loneliness (revamp)
    2 Star/Dark
    800 Atk / 600 Def

    When this card would be sent to the Graveyard from your Hand or Deck, remove it from play instead. During your turn, you may switch this Attack Position card on your Field into Defense Position to select one of your removed from play "Empath Fiend" Monsters and Special Summon it to your Field in Defense Position. When this effect is activated, neither this card nor the Monster Special Summoned by this effect can change their Battle Positions for as long as they remain face-up on the Field. When this card is removed from the Field, the Monster Special Summoned by this effect is removed from play. When Synchro Summoning a Psychic Type Monster, you may remove this card in your Graveyard from play to have it treated as a Monster sent to the Graveyard for that Synchro Summon. You may only activate the effect of one "Empath Fiend" Monster in your Graveyard each turn.

    Better, and you've got the new ability to screw the rules with money by calling out Pride.

    Empath Fiend - Over Ego (revamp)
    8 Star/Light
    2600 Atk / 2600 Def

    1 Psychic Type Tuner Monster + 1 or more non-tuner "Empath Fiend" Monsters

    By switching this Attack Position card on your Field into Defense Position, select up two of your removed from play "Empath Fiend" Monsters and add them to your Graveyard. By switching this Defense Position card on your Field into Attack Position, change the Battle Position of one "Empath Fiend" Monster on your Field, ignoring any effects of the selected Monster. When either of this card's effects is activated, this card can not change its Battle Position until the end of the turn. When your opponent selects a Psychic Type Monster on your Field as the target of an attack or card effect, you may discard one Psychic Type Monster from your Hand to change the target of that attack or effect to another valid target on either player's Field.

    So activate one of your squatting Empath Fiend's effects, or recycle monster in the gravyeyard? And a permission-style ability to choose what cards your opponent can hit? Clever, and big. I like. :3

    Don't know how much more you can expect of the old guy, though. After all, with Loneliness this becomes pretty freakin' easy to summon. (essentially, just pull up your used Pride with Loneliness' effect and go crazy). And now, last but not least:

    Ultimate Evil Hero - Infernal Toaster
    13 Star/Fire
    5601 Atk / 4901 Def

    Dark Nepthys + Infernal Incinerator + Infernal Flame Emperor + Flame Cerberus + Flame Manipulator + Blazing Inpachi + Hinotama Soul + Elemental Hero Burstinatrix + Volcanic Doomfire +Wandering Deity + Queen Pikeru + Queen Curran + Yokai Kyuubi + E-Hero Neos

    A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Materials. The Attribute of this card is also treated as DARK. Once per turn, by tributing one "Evil Hero" Monster on your Field, Special Summon one "Toast" Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck, ignoring summoning conditions. In order to summon this monster, you must yell "Thesis is dead, and we killed him... OR IS HE!?!?" as loud as you can. Cheese is evil.

    Okay, yeah, screw the toast; moving on...

    Resonance Tuning
    Quick-Play Spell

    This card can only be activated when a Tuner Monster on your Field is destroyed. Special Summon one Monster with the same Level as the destroyed Monster from your Hand or Deck. A Monster Special Summoned by this effect is treated as a Tuner Monster.

    Whee, Tuner preservation! Meh, seems more like a Counter Trap/Normal Trap than a quick-play spell, but okay.
    I fixed Infernal Toaster for you, as you can see. And if you're wondering about that "Wandering Deity"...

    Wandering Deity
    Atk 2600/ Def 2600
    This monster cannot be normal summoned or set. This monster can only be special summoned by tributing differently-named "Wandering" monsters on your side of the field when three or more differently-named "Wandering" monsters are removed from play. Depending on the number of "Wandering" monsters tributed in order to summon this monster, this monster gains the following effect(s):
    -1 or more: This monster is not affected by the effects of trap cards.
    -2 or more: This monster is not affected by the effects of spell cards.
    -3 or more: This monster's original Atk and Def become 3000, and it cannot be destroyed by the effects of monster cards.
    By removing this monster in your graveyard from play, you can special summon one "Wandering" monster in your removed from play pile.

    Limit Break: Supernova
    Normal Spell
    Destroy all cards on your side of the field, then special summon one "Wandering Deity" from your hand, deck, graveyard, or removed from play pile, ignoring summoning conditions. You cannot activate this card if you have no cards on the field.

    And a slight revamp for my favorite fake Ace Card...

    Yokai Kyuubi
    Atk 2800/ Def 2400
    Once during your main phase by tributing this monster, destroy all monster cards or all spell and trap cards on your opponent's side of the field. Then, special summon "Yokai" monsters from your graveyard equal to the number of cards destroyed by this monster's effect. This monster cannot be special summoned except by tributing two differently named "Yokai" monsters during your End Phase while it is in the graveyard.

    x x x x