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    Why, yes, AE, I am extremely lazy. But since you won't be around for a while, I suppose I could just do a quick overview of a few of your revamped and new cards. *sigh*

    Earthbound Angel: Mein Gott... Gadget has a new bestest buddy, and so does every other deck that wants to shut down Dark Armed Dragon and similar strategies in a hurry. It's like a miniature End of Anubis.

    Cahelion the Imprisoned: Also known as "Cahelion the great wall of doom". If you have multiple Parasites on your field already, you do NOT want to be hit with this guy. Not only can he pick off the weaker parasites if he has enough Atk and the LP damage is worth it, he's the biggest wall a Parasite player could hope to throw at the opponent. Foolish Burial in demon decks to ensure Cahelion lock, anyone? Plus, it'll make the opponent think twice about destroying Cleansing Seal.... mwahaha.

    Blood Offering: 1000+ LP to give tributable tokens to my opponent? Thanks but no thanks. They need a restriction on what they can be tributed for, at the very least.

    And in response to the wording on Spirit Posession earlier... its current wording is the same as Black Horn of Heaven's, which means that it can only target monsters that have been summoned by their own effect as opposed to the effect of another card, as I recall.

    Oh, and a few more because I have time.

    Jaboli: Forced attack or burn damage? Interesting, especially considering the possibilities when you control Cleansing Seal or Cahelion.

    Severash: Dark World can't even LOL at this, because the effect is a cost. Nice, and a helpful way to ensure that nasty Torrential Tribute traps are harder to set. :3

    Edit: And here I forgot the whole reason I was posting. FAKES!!! FAKES!!!!

    Yokai Kappa (revamped)
    Atk 1600/ Def 1400
    By tributing this monster, choose one "Yokai" monster from your deck except "Yokai Kyuubi" and special summon it to your side of the field in face-up attack mode. The monster summoned by this effect cannot be tributed on the turn it is summoned unless you control "Yokai Mountain".

    Yokai Oni
    Atk 2200/ Def 1400
    Tribute this monster in order to look at the top card of your deck. Based on that card's type, activate the appropriate effect:
    -Monster: Special summon this monster from your graveyard after its effect resolves. Its original Atk becomes 2600 and it deals piercing damage.
    -Spell: Add one "Yokai Mountain" to your hand from your deck.
    -Trap: "Yokai" monsters you control are unaffected by your opponent's trap cards until this turn's end phase.

    Yokai Okami
    Atk 2100/ Def 1500
    Tribute this monster in order to select one level five or higher monster your opponent controls and destroy it. Your opponent takes damage equal to half the original Atk or Def of the destroyed monster, whichever is higher.

    Yokai Ronin
    Atk 1200/ Def 1400
    Tribute this monster in order to special summon a "Yokai" monster from your graveyard that was tributed for its own effect, except "Yokai Kyuubi".

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