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    Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
    Zero sum- unstoppable protector of the sanctuary type of effect. Lightsworn and gladiator beasts will feel proud running these things... kinda overpowered as it counters all the stronger theme (strong because they can draw)
    *Sigh* Guilty as charged. What can I say? I just wanted a card to hit the old 'draw your whole deck in one turn' game right where it hurts. xD

    Yokai Kappa: Yeah, better just keep that 'no on-summon tribute' part right where we can see it. Frosty already pretty much summed up how crazy this is.

    Yokai Oni: yeah...not to hot for a tribute monster. Maybe drop the atks a bit and make it low-level?

    Yokai Okami: Hii Dark Armed/Jinzo/DMoC/whatever! Guess who doesn't need a bigger beater than you? ^_^ It's kind of lightly troublesome to get this thing out, but once you do with Mountain behind you, you've got yourself some pretty nasty field management.

    Yokai Ronin: You don't even need to stop there. Just tribute one Ronin to recur whatever, tribute the second for the first, then first for the second again. Lather, rinse, and repeat for infinite draws out of Safe Return; it's really just another incarnation of double Manticore when you think about it, except that Ronin is a low-level, low-atk Warrior, making it dead easy to search and recur. :x

    Vanity Punisher: Only complaint is how it can't be special summoned. But then, letting that one slip would be screwing with the vanity thematic. xP So basically, it's a simple one-card solution against all cheaply pulled big beaters save for Judgment Dragon, eh? Liking this, definitely, as it is actually surprisingly hard to get past this with the current top decks. (I mean, how big do we usually normal summon, really? Can't really see it going past Stratos or Zombie Master, save for the odd monarch deck or LaDD) I can see this bugging the hell out of Gladiator Beast too. xD

    Pedestral of Summoning: Now why do I see DMoC as an obvious pick here? (Immediately pulls back the spent pedestal too) Still, placing spell counters opens up some interesting opportunities with stuff like Dark Red Enchanter and Magical Marionette too. Only thing is that spellcaster already has quite a bit of special summoning between Magical Dimension and Magician's Circle. Still...more is never wrong, I suppose. xD

    After that huge pile of customs I probably should cool it, but...a few shouldn't hurt. xD

    Jinzo - Backup
    4 Star/Dark
    1700 Atk / 500 Def

    When "Jinzo" on your Field is destroyed, Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. When this card is Special Summoned this way, it gains the following effect:

    - Once per turn, if a Trap Card is activated, negate the activation and effect of that card and destroy it.

    Psycho Voltage
    Normal Spell

    This card can only be activated on a turn when you haven't Summoned or Set a Monster (Including Flip Summon). Special Summon one "Jinzo" Monster from your Graveyard. When you Summon another Monster (Including Flip Summon), the Monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed.
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