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    Alex sighed at the bore of waiting. He had met a new villager the other day, a young Marill named Sali. She had told him to come to her garden and wait for her. What she didn't tell him, was that there was only one garden in the whole village - aka, what is actually a mountain region full of grasslands. But, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sali running up, tears welling up in her eyes. He tried to stop her from whatever she was about to do but instead she hopped into his arms.

    "Oh...Rosy..." she said.

    "Rosy? Who's that?"

    "Rosy is this really nice woman...and she helped me find you."

    "Oh, ok. What's..up?" He had never seen someone else cry before. How unsettling, he thought, but he figured most beople would.

    "Well, Ansie told me to do something terrible because I followed her in this leader game where she is the leader and I didn't want to do it because I felt bad and now she's angry at me and she won't ever let me play with her again and now I don't know what to do and-"

    Alex cut her off then, "Susi, calm down..." he had no idea what to do, so he followed what Absol did, "Did you feel better afterwards?"


    "No, I mean about not doing that thing to whoever you were supposed to do it." Alex inquired. Susi nodded. "Then shouldn't you feel proud? You've done somthing nobody else would dare to do. You confronted your enemy. That's what you shoul've done from the beginning." Alex was lost in his words and he looked down to see Susi had fallen asleep on his lap. He picked her up and carried her into the village. Immediatly, a mature Roselia rushed to pick her up, "Ohhh. Susi."

    "She's feeling better. You are?"

    "Rosi, you?"

    "Alex." and just like that he knew he had seen the most beautiful person he had ever seen before. Her eyes were clear and blue as water and her hair of rose petals only found in the richest soil. After he confronted theGold Tribe, if he did, he would return for her.