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Bushiroad does Cards of the Day for all their card games, so I'll be using this thread to translate, sometimes analyze, and describe uses of the cards shown. This is partially to help keep myself busyadd another distraction while I'm busy, draw fans into the section, and/or possibly spark some fandom with Weiss Schwarz and Vanguard on the English side so they'll support it more :p

Weiss Schwarz

Attempted Suicide?! Frau (自殺未遂 フラウ)
Level 2, Cost 1, Pow 7500, Soul 1 <科学 [Science], オタク [Otaku]>
[CONT] Experience: If the total level in your level zone is 3 or more, this card gains the following ability: "You can use this ability once per turn. When you use an [ACT] Ability, this card gets Level +1, Power +1500 for the turn."
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if (差し伸べた手 [Stretched Out Hand]) is in your climax zone, choose another of your characters. That character gets Power +3000, and this character gets Power +3000 for the turn.
While it requires a total of 3 in your level zone, the ability it gains can effectively put its base power at 9000 and become immune to most targeted removal abilities, specifically suicide characters. The other ability is a climax synergy ability to boost your characters to ensure wins on all fronts.


Strange Relationship, Frau and Junna(不思議な関係 フラウ&淳和)
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 500, Soul 1 <科学 [Science], オタク [Otaku]>
[CONT] Assist: Cards in front of this card get power +500.
[ACT] [Set this card to Rest] If your opponent has a Level 2 or higher on the stage, choose a <科学 [Science]> character and give it Power +1000 for the turn.
This is a pretty standard assist. the secondary ability is a conditional version of an ability that isn't often seen at 0/0 with Assist. The ability also ensures that the assist can make a good presence late game since by adding power when needed, though it can still be overshadowed by better assists.


Battle Sister Assam
Oracle Think Tank/Elf, Grade 0, Trigger: Stand
A vanilla trigger unit, the note on this unit is that this is OTT's second stand trigger, allowing for 8 stands to be used in their decks. The other attraction to the card is the presence of "Battle Sister" in the name, making it a viable target for Battle Sister Waffle and counts as such on the field for Fromage and Macaron

With the release of Banquet of Divas, the next release on schedule is set 4, Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows, releasing December 8th. Today's card features Fullbau, the first in the Phantom Blaster Dragon ride chain, and the full introduction of Shadow Paladins to the English format.
The way the chain works is that the first link will search for the second link, with the first cycle being able to cycle a Grade 3 in your hand for the third link by being called to the RG.