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Today we finish up the group of 4 robots and the Phantom Blaster Ride Chain

Weiss Schwarz

Abandoned Dream, Subaru
Level 1, Cost 0, Pow 5000, Soul 1 <Science, Glasses>
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if [Disagreement with the Father] is in your Climax Zone, for that turn, this card gets Power +X, where X is the number of other <Science> characters or characters with "Hiromu" in the name x1000.
This power-based climax synergy can be extremely useful for taking down threats since most of the cards in this set will end up being the science trait. If there's a full field, that makes a 9000 Power beater for the turn.


Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 2000, Soul 1 <Science, Mecha>
[AUTO] [(2)] When this card is placed from your hand to the stage, you may pay the cost. If you do, you may search your deck for a "Schneider", "Boltvarian", or "Star Raptor" and add it to your hand.

Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 2500, Soul 1 <Science, Mecha>
[CONT] If you control another "Schneider", "Star Raptor", and "Stinguma" on the stage, this card gets Power +2500
From the previous game, these two cards finish the group of 4 robots that synergize with each other. Stinguma is a key part of the combo for being able to search out the other pieces, albeit at the price of 2 stock.
At full field power, the powers become: 1 (Pow 5000, Soul 2), 1 (Pow 6000 1 Soul), 1 (Pow 3000, Soul 1), and 1 Supporter


Battle Sister Macaron
Oracle Think Tank/Elf, Grade 2
[AUTO] [RG] When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Battle Sister" in its name, for the battle, this unit gets power +3000.
Another Battle Sister, this provides a pretty good power boost as a rear guard, especially since most conditional attackers get their boost are at 8000 power instead of 9000 power, which can make it harder for the opponent to guard against it.

Apparently they decided to skip Blaster Dark and move straight to Phantom Blaster Dragon instead. While the price for the activation of the second ability is hefty if your hand isn't in good shape, the boost it gives is extremely good. Boosting the crit up to 2 makes Phantom Blaster a near must block and provides a power boost to make it hard to do so.