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While Milky Holmes does have a higher priority for the booster pack, Sword Art Online has started too.

Weiss Schwarz

High Cooking Skill Asuna
Level 2, Cost 2, Pow 8500, Soul 2 <Avatar, Weapon>
[CONT] During your turn, if the number of other <Avatar> cards is 2 or more, this card gets Level +1, Power +1500
This card should generally be a 10k Level 3 beatstick at almost all times, unless they include cards from the real world (that aren't Avatars) in the trial deck.


Rabbit Ears Nero
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 2500, Soul 1 <Detective, Sweets>
[CONT] While you control 1 or less other characters, this card gets Power +1000 and Encore [Discard a card from your hand]
To mention, Encore is effectively regeneration, and all characters inherently have Encore [(3)]. This allows the card to be able to survive without wasting stock. This is a great early game card when you don't have many cards out.


[AUTO] Encore [Discard a character from your hand] (When this card is sent from your stage to the waiting room, you may pay the cost. If you do, put this card into the slot this was in Rested.)
[AUTO] Change [(1) Send this card to the waiting room] At the beginning of your draw phase, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your waiting room for a "Energy Being Her Redeeming Feature Sharo" and put it onto the stage in the slot where this card was.

Energy Being Her Redeeming Feature Sharo
Level 3, Cost 2, Pow 10000, Soul 2 <Detective, Camera>
[CONT] If you have 2 or more other <Detective> charas, this card gets Power+500 and "[Auto][(1)] when this card reverse an opponent's chara with level 2 or above, you may pay the cost. If you do so, select a chara from your waiting room and add it to your hand"
[AUTO] When this card is placed from your hand or through [Change] to the stage, draw two cards, then discard one.
A 2-3 Change, the change is pretty solid because it's very easy to keep it alive to get to the next draw phase.

The Level 3 is pretty solid too. The come into play ability gives a good hand advantage and cycling and the first ability will usually give a 10500 power without assists and an easy way to retrieve cards in the waiting room.


New Semester Nero
Level 0, Cost 0, Pow 1000, Soul 1 <Detective, Sweets>
[AUTO] Bond (New Semester Sharo) [(1)] (When this card is put into play to the stage, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your waiting room for a "New Semester Sharo" and put it in your hand.)

Level 1, Cost 1, Pow 1000, Soul 1 <Detective, Sweets>
[AUTO] When you use this card's [Counter] ability, send the top 3 cards of your library to your waiting room.
[AUTO] Counter [(1) Discard this card from your hand] (When one of your charas gets front attacked, you may pay the cost. If you do, give a battling character Power +2000.)
Not the most useful bond combo, though it's a good way to run through your deck and put your opponent more on guard.


Sirius War God Daikengou
Gold Paladin/Patroid, Grade 3
[AUTO] [V] [Discard 1 <Gold Paladin> from your hand] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, for that battle, this unit gets Power +6000.
[AUTO] [R] [Discard 1 <Gold Paladin> from your hand] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, for that battle, this unit gets Power +3000.
Same as the Narukami counterpart Crimson Lighting Dragon. Probably more useful in Golds since there's more stuff search in Golds, but overall not as useful as other Vanguards for Golds.


Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD"
Narukami/Thunder Dragon, Grade 3
[ACT] [V] LB(5): [CB(3)] For this turn, this unit gains Power +5000/Crit +1, and the following ability: "[CONT] [V] This unit attacks the opponent's entire front row in one attack."
[CONT] [V] If you have "Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion" in your soul, this unit gets Power +2000.
[CONT] Leader(If there is a non-Narukami unit on your field, this card cannot attack.)
A stronger version of Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion, the bonus being an extra power boost and an extra crit and is a base 13000.


Dual-Pen Warrior Polaris
Great Nature/High Beast, Grade 3
[AUTO] [V] LB(4): [CB(2)] When this card attacks the vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a <Great Nature> unit, Stand it and it gets Power +4000. Retire it at the end of the turn.
[CONT] [V] When this card attacks the Vanguard, this unit gets Power +3000.
True to Great Nature, good power boosting with the cost of killing it at the end of the turn. The fact that it stands makes it a pretty great card for pushing. Featured card from this week's episode.

A good card to kill the opponent's back-row, though it require killing two of your own as well.

While it's weak, the ability gives a really good hand advantage with ebing able to cycle a bad card out and drawing 2.

This is a Shadow Paladin version of Alfred. Instead of calling units from the deck, this one gives already existing units a Power boost for a good push.