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Originally Posted by Sonkitts View Post
Hello everyone,

I've searched intensely before deciding to post here.

I've come across a problem. I'm trying to 'finally' complete my Platinum game but hit a snag. When I insert Fire Red and Platinum to allow me to encounter additional Pokémon I can't find them. It works with Ruby, having caught Zangoose and Seedot. The Fire Red game doesn't seem to bring out these Pokémon. Is it possible I have a fake game? I can migrate from Fire Red directly though, which I believe is a sure sign of it being a real game. I'm confused and frustrated.

(I hope I posted this in the correct section).


Now I'm even more confused (I'm new to Gen IV). Does it differ at all in Platinum or Diamond? I just inserted Ruby, found several Pokémon, then inserted Leaf Green/Sapphire/Emerald and can't find anything.

Very confused.
A probably silly question, but did you turn the game off and on between game inserts?