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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    Well it looked good until I saw the pokedex. No one cares about seeing the base stats of their pokemon in a rom hack they can't play online, I like reading little bits of information on my pokemon :(

    Pokémon description entries are really redundant now. We read these things repetitively from every Pokémon game that we have played in the past. So I decided to spice it up with something more useful so when you catch a Pokémon, you'll immediately see its stats to see if you are interested in training it. Not everyone is a competitive battler, so I figured I'll help the people that are not too experienced with Pokémon stats.

    With that being said. Beta 1.5 is now live! The last event of this beta is opening that locked mysterious door located in Silversky Town... Also, sidenote. This game will have lots of morning/day/afternoon/evening/night events. So you better make sure to revisit some places =P

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