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    Originally Posted by adipasa View Post
    Is There any update :( ??
    I've been busy with real life stuff. And the last update was less than a week ago...

    EDIT: @Retribution: I can't use any of your backsprites, because you resized the D/P backsprites instead of the Platinum/HG/SS ones. The reason why it matters is because the Pt/HG/SS backsprites have much better shading:
    D/P backsprites:
    Plat. backsprites:
    I pointed out pretty clearly in the guidelines that the backsprites MUST be from HG/SS, not the crappy D/P ones. So, I'm afraid I can't use any of your contributions, except maybe Vaporeon and Flareon's backsprites simply because they were the only Eeveelutions that didn't get improved backsprites in Platinum.'

    Both of your contributions are "accepted", but for Gardevoir I will simply inspect and choose which one I like better.

    @LCCoolJ95: Sorry, but you completely changed the proportions, which I don't want. And you didn't use the Kyogre sprite from the Master Sheet. Please read the Helping Guidelines, which I linked to in my signature.