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    Trust me on this one. Choose Anorith, I recently got a lileep and evolved it into a cradily.
    What you are about to see is Cradily's Moveset
    1 Acid
    1 Constrict
    1 Ingrain
    1 Astonish
    8 Constrict
    15 Acid
    22 Ingrain
    29 Confuse Ray
    36 Amnesia
    48 Ancient Power
    60 Stockpile
    60 Spit Up
    60 Swallow

    As You can see, this is not a good movepool whatsoever!

    Now for Armaldo's moveset
    1 Scratch
    1 Water Gun
    1 Harden
    1 Mud Sport
    7 Harden
    13 Mud Sport
    19 Water Gun
    25 Metal Claw
    31 Protect
    37 Ancient Power
    46 Fury Cutter
    55 Slash
    64 Rock Blast

    As you can see the movepools on Cradily are far from great. But they aren't that bad. But Armaldo has better stab moves (Rock Blast, Fury Cutter) opposed to Cradily's ONLY GOOD stab move (Ancient Power).

    Now for the stats
    Hp 86
    Atk 81
    Def 97
    SpA 81
    SpD 107
    Spe 43
    Obviously Cradily's best stat is it's SpD.

    HP 75
    Atk 125
    Def 100
    SpA 70
    SpD 80
    Spe 45
    Am I the only one who see's this difference? Look at the attack stat. Obviously Cradily is the more SpD of the two. But man, 125 attack compared to 81. Obvious Choice. ARMALDO!
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