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    @Jax - I didn't really mean that a fic being abandoned meant that its author didn't plan it out. Hell, I once wrote a fic that I stopped due to lack of interest too. I guess that other reason slipped my mind. Sorry, I made you go all wall-of-text on me.

    And yes, I know that starting with the Trainer getting his first Pokemon isn't really required if the author wants to do something different. It's their fic, not mine and I'm not the boss of them. I was just saying that, in my OPINION, that I tend to like stories that start from the very beginning (that being the Trainer getting his fist Pokemon) without giving too much away. It's just MY preference. And I didn't say that it meant the author didn't plan (at least, I do recall). If an author did that, then it means that the author either wrote a backstory that's to be later revealed or something else.

    As for nothing happening until the first Gym, this can be solved with extra stories before the Gym like more captures, character development or even character introductions. Hell, they can even debut the Gym Leader(s) before the Trainer makes it to their Gym. Of course, the stories have hold the reader's interest.

    Look, I'm sorry if I offended you or made you mad in anyway. I don't really think that my preferences are facts or rules that others should abide by.

    I really need to work on my wording.