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Originally Posted by FaroreToC View Post
Other video games do that. Zelda does that quite frequently. For example in A Link to the Past you have the ability to pick up huge rocks that block your way. There are more heavier rocks that require something called the power glove that you find which mine as well be a key item in order to lift that particular rock and keep the item throughout in your inventory. I feel like it doesn't completely degrade the heavier rock concept because it still opens plenty of areas that you couldn't previously explore before that you might've been forced to ignore previously. It makes old areas somewhat new again.
I can agree with this for the purpose of backtracking, but I feel like it'd ruin the purpose of including them in the future. Also having them function as shortcuts in later routes if you still keep them around is a really cool way to reward the player by making routes easier to traverse.
But I do wonder if there's something we can do about it with backtracking, now.
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