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    I understand that they can be extremely useful as gatekeepers that will stop you from going to the route you should not be going yet, and I understand that for some people it's an awesome thing that your Pokemon help you advance even out of battle, but Gen 7 created an amazing thing that combined those two features, along with the "a tool to find secret / or not accessable items) with Poke Ride. It's why a lot of people love those. Also, a "device" that could operate all the HM moves could be a replacement, but it leaves Pokemon off the table.

    But, come to think of it, I don't have any experience when it comes to "adding something new" to the games, but I would think that in terms of coding this must be a hard task to accomplish, probably even impossible. It was in the last generation's mechanics after all, so either there should be an alternative, or improved/better versions of HMs.

    As a person who doesn't like HMs, they are not much of a problem if you minimize them/make the actual moves "useful" and give an ability to forget them easily. Surf, Fly even Waterfall. I don't feel bad when I teach Surf to my SpA-based water pokemon, or to my Helioptile as a coverage, but Rock Smash, Cut etc. are inefficient in the long turn. I don't think anyone would prefer using Cut in any other way than passing a block to collect an item or continue the journey. A world without HMs would be stale for some people. I love it when I fly with my Talonflame instead of an airplane. Keeping only the useful HMs is not a good option either, because "usefulness" is an objective term. A person could rather Hydro Pump, or use Brave Bird/Acrobatics instead of 2-turn Fly. The best suggestion would be, as MegaWeedle said, HMs being out-of-battle moves.

    In this case, they can either be learnt like usual HMs, or make some Pokemon already have the ability to cut a tree instead of requiring the move "Cut"to do so. When it comes to their obtaining those, it could be "teach" from experienced trainers all over the world instead of giving you a HM. For example, you have a level 9 Scyther who has arms suiting the cutting, but it won't cut unless you know how to cut trees by commanding/using your Pokemon. After you learn something about that, or even get an item in shape of book etc. for that, all the Pokemon that can learn Cut as a HM will be able to cut that tree.

    As I said, I don't know if it's possible or not, but it would be a dream thing for me. I would even be happy if that was the case in Switch game. Seeing this in a hacked rom would make it unique, and I'd definitely start playing it.

    Otherwise, just make HM's forgettable and TM's reusable. So you can change a move to HM and TM when necessary, which saves a lot.
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