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Originally Posted by Hyzenthlay View Post
Don't you find shortbread biscuits get really stuck in your teeth? :p
No, not especially. xD

I'm curious, what makes Persona 4 Golden so offensive?
Ohohoho. Where do I start...

I'll start with the obvious: Yosuke Hanamura. Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal - who I cannot stand - he is one of the few video game characters (another is Luke Fon Fabre, also voiced by Lowenthal) that I am disgusted by. His blatantly homophobic attitude and treatment of Kanji is something I cannot tolerate...and that the rest of the cast never call him out for it is only more disgraceful. I don't care if it was "the norm" back then, and I don't care what Kanji's shadow was like. NOTHING justifies it, it is NOT acceptable, and it is disgusting that he is considered anything other than trash for it.

Chie's very existence is bothersome, and Teddie attempting to "score" with the entire cast was irritating as well. The rest of the cast I am indifferent to.

There's also the colour scheme, which looks like a clown vomited glitter. Seriously, it actually makes me feel ill looking at it.

It's also unncessarily padded and plodding. The argument that all Persona games are like this holds no water with me - I played Persona 5 and it was *mostly* reasonably paced. I watched the Persona 4 anime and it was so, SO much better than the game. The game is badly designed. The slice-of-life stuff is garbage, the dungeons are TERRIBLY designed (this is definitely a Persona thing) and the combat is outdated and mediocre even by the standards of the times.

There's the "music" as well...I have never heard a worse soundtrack. Ever. In anything.

And Atlus just WILL NOT LET IT DIE! It had TWO anime series, a rhythm game - with crappy remixes of already crappy songs! - and a bloody fighting game as well! Give it a rest! That people sing this game's praises irritates me to no end as well. It's one of those stupidly popular titles that in no way, shape, or form deserves that popularity.

Top five favourite Final Fantasy characters?
Hmmm...Vayne Solidor, Caius Ballad, FFXIII-2's Serah Farron, Balthier Bunansa, and...Ritz Malheur.
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