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    Originally Posted by Megaman765 View Post
    It's just annoying because rotom-c has 3 type moves that I really need for my team, grass, Ghost, and electric.

    Are there any other pokemon (grass or electric) That can use both grass and electric moves? (besides hidden power)
    err...not many

    Gengar can both use energy ball and t-bolt
    Infernape can use grass knot and t-punch
    Breloom has STAB seed bomb and t-punch
    Alakazam has charge beam, energy ball, grass knot
    Porygon-z has ^ + t-bolt

    and i think that's it. i might be missing out on a few, but they're probably not noteworthy

    and the list gets smaller if you go down the tiers list. grass isn't much of an offensive typing in OU because most of the water types have other typing that nulls out grass. the only two pretty much affect by grass is Swampert and rhyperior, all the other pokemon have ways of dealing with grass type moves.