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I'll chime in at this point with my comments and opinions. In short, I don't plan on adding this feature.

I was never thrilled about the feature. Yes, it was interesting in Yellow because it was new, but when it showed up again in HGSS it was clearly nothing more than a frill designed to make an otherwise rather bare game more interesting. Aside from the novelty factor of having a Pokémon walking behind you, I don't think it adds anything at all. That's all my opinion.

From a technical standpoint, it'd be very complicated to implement. One way I've seen of getting it to work is to have one or more events put aside on each map for the Pokémon, which requires a lot more care on the user's part when they create hundreds of maps. Some large Pokémon won't be visible in certain places (e.g. indoors), and it can be quite arbitrary deciding which places these are and which Pokémon count as "too large". They won't show when cycling or surfing either. There's also making the following Pokémon appear properly in battle (i.e. stepping forward rather than being called from a Poké Ball), and having previously fainted following Pokémon come out again after healing up. And then there's the whole issue of interacting with them, as there will be hundreds of location-dependent messages to show. The dependent event system doesn't even work perfectly. As for making the thing optional, that's even harder.

If someone wanted to include following Pokémon, they would have an awful lot of work to do themselves, even after it was programmed in in the first place (which is another awful lot of work). It's not something they could just "switch on". Then there's the question of who would use it: everyone. Everyone wants to be just like HGSS, after all (I exaggerate, but probably not by much). If everyone uses it, it won't be a special feature for any of them.

As mentioned by others, it's low priority (nil priority in my eyes), as it doesn't even add anything but the novelty. The kit is called Pokémon Essentials, and this really isn't. It's only been in two games (HGSS is one game, and Yellow barely had it), which is hardly a baseline.

In summary, it's a lot of work for everyone, it's not at all necessary, it'd spoil the uniqueness of some games, and I don't like it. So no, I personally have no plans of including this feature in Essentials. I think there's at least one tutorial out there for implementing it, and as far as I know it's unlikely to become incompatible with the latest releases. Use that instead. Alternatively, as Essentials is a community project, someone else can come up with a decent following system instead.
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