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Seen November 6th, 2016
Posted October 27th, 2016
We wouldn't have a Transformer in a roleplay made for Go-Bots. We couldn't have a digimon in a Pokemon roleplay. Just because it's fan fiction does not mean that we can do what ever, if you get my drift.

Also, sorry if I sounded a little harsh. Just making a point.
I agree with the examples listed. But the examples are not analogous to this one, since Gaos are in the Mario universe. Digimon are not a part of the pokemon universe, and transformers are not a part of the go-bots universe. A more comparable example is featuring a Donkey Kong Country character (like Dixie Kong) into Donkey Kong 64 rp. Different art-styles, gameplay/mechanics, and some characters, but characters from each respective game are exclusive to the Donkey Kong universe. Similarly, including Mario in a Luigi's Mansion rp. The two examples, as with my character make sense for rp/fan fiction.

Gaos were the first enemies in super mario land, and King Totomesu was the first boss on super mario land -- the first mario handheld game, and a classic among older gamers.

Gaos are in the Mario universe, just not featured in a paper Mario game specifically, along with other Mario characters. So, the question is why can't any mario character be included in a roleplay/fan fiction? So, I ask the question again, why can't Mario characters not yet featured in a Paper Mario game, not be included in an rp? It doesn't really make sense.
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