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Rules and Regulations
  • Standard PC Rules Apply
  • Please don't be rude. If you are, I have the right to ignore you or cancel the trade.
  • Non-Redistribution: You can request that your Pokemon not be cloned and traded to others. This rule only applies to Pokémon with your trainer name.
  • Please respect my non and semi-redistribution rules.
  • I do not accept flawless Pokemon unless they're proven to be Hyper Trained or from an established breeder.
  • Due to hacking of Gen III events, I do not accept these.
  • I do 1:1 trades. It can be 1 event: 1 event, 1 shiny: 1 shiny, or even 1 event: 1 shiny. I will not ask for 2 or more Pokemon for one of mine, for instance, except for Dream Ball mons.
  • I will not trade with anyone who has less than 10 posts on Pokecommunity.
  • I live in US Mountain Time (UTC-6/7). Check this time zone converter to see how we match up.
  • Trade times: 7PM-11PM MST weekdays and most of the weekend.
  • I’ll try to complete trades within 1 week.
  • Sometimes my schedule makes me end up missing trades. If this happens, you're free to cancel the trade.
  • If you leave me waiting for more than 30 minutes after an agreed trade time without a good excuse for your tardiness, it is up to my discretion to cancel the trade altogether. If this continues to be an issue, you will be blacklisted.
  • If I don't want to trade with you, you will be ignored. Sorry about it.
  • If you do not follow the form below, I may ignore you.
  • Confused about the terminology used on this forum and my trade shop? Then visit this helpful guide.

Format for Trades
  • Interested in:
  • Offering:
  • 3DS Name:
  • (Trainer Name and Friend Code, if not by your avatar):

My Collection

  • Any shiny in an Apricorn, Safari, Sport, Dream, or Premier ball that I do not already have
  • Any event I do not already have, barring 3rd gen events
  • Shiny Unown B, C, H, K, L, M, P, Q, R, T, W, Y with preferably your OT
  • Virtual Console shinies. (Remember that 8F glitch in RBY is not legal)

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