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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Based on the map we will be going Starter City -> Second City -> Port City -> Castella -> Nimbasa -> Driftvell -> etc. Its the same city order cause the other half is still covered in ice on the map. Even if its an advertising ploy, they still show the primary route, so it may only be two Gyms that changed cause only two gyms are covered.
I could see this being the order if the map is really frozen and you can't access the areas.

Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
How do we know any gyms have changed? Perhaps we may get to battle the original leaders later on after the Elite 4 or something. This change that happened in Unova might not be permanent( we dont know what it is or what caused it yet, so we cant say its absolutely not reversable yet.)
We don't, at this point everything is just speculation. I assume by change you mean the frozen areas?

Originally Posted by Kaori View Post

Interesting. But it doesn't make sense since he only has 3 Pokémon on his team. Perhaps after you've beaten the Elite Four he is found over there for a short while? I'm leaning towards his gym being found in an earlier city/town still.
I agree, I don't really see Shizui gym being all the way over there when he has three pokes and that area isn't anywhere near the protagonist home town.

Originally Posted by DracoFreezeFlame View Post
This is what I hope will happen in terms of gym leaders:
If 8, in no particular order:
Water: Shizui (blue)
Posien: Homika (purple)
Fighting: Marshel (he was demoted)(red)
Rock: new female leader (orange)
Bug: Burgh (green)
Flying(white)/steel(black): Skyla(a new face among the historic setting)/Jasmine(an old face among the futruistic setting) (grey)
Dragon: Iris (indigo)
Ground: Clay (yellow)
(if ten:
Normal: Aloe
Ghost: Shauntel: (same as Marshal))
Elite Four:
Grass: Cilan, who left his two brothers to run the resturant
Pyschic: Catilin
Electric/Fire: Elesa and a new male, who is insane in the brain(also why the region is still frozen over)
Dark: Grimsly
New Champion: New Villain, who leads a new group with a diffrent person as a figure-head trying to freeze the world over, starting with Unova, leading them from behind the scenes. He lost Kyruem during the main story, who you obtain, but he has replaced him. Mixed, but 4 of the 6 are part Ice types. He replaces Kyruem with the opposite games mascot from the first version.
After you beat the champion, you force him to unfreeze the region, allowing you to visit the past towns. He is then replaced as champion with the main character from the first set who is of your gender.
If anything I see Marshall promoted since he was Alder student, I don't see why he would be demoted unless he asked for it. Also I the set up off the Elite Four seems unrealistic that they have two gym leaders get promoted while two apparently get demoted. Even if the two left the Elite Four I don't see them as gym leaders. I'd like too think of Shauntel as a book keeper if she wasn't apart of the Elite Four. That would be interesting to see the Champ of the previous game face you. But the evil head seems unrealistic as well, albeit Giovanni was a gym leader.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
So in Black & White, unexpectedly there were no Gym Rematches which may have been done purposely, This brings me to the question do you think there will be Gym rematches in B2W2 considering there were none in Black & White? Also if there are how will they affect the storyline, will there be a purpose for this?
As already said it wasn't done in Diamond and Pearl. As well as Ruby and Sapphire so with the Third installment like Emerald and Plat I see them be rematchable.

Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
One thing I love about Gym battles is the possibility of seeing their teams get even stronger after you defeat them the first time. I really hope they do include a rematch feature, and maybe make some more use of the Xtransiever.
But I agree with Forever, I'd like to be able to choose who I go up against when I want to, like HG/SS did.
On top of that its nice too see the pokemon that comprise their new team. And the rematch system where you meet them somewhere is interesting as well too keep from HGSS.

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