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    Originally Posted by 345200 View Post
    Victory fire continuance?The victory of fire will be updated?
    Maybe,I'll keep on working on it until it get perfect.

    Originally Posted by 搞五搞六 View Post
    1158, a new hack released.
    This's the hack you mentioned before, right?
    And will Luke and Eva appear in this hack? I think you mentioned them in the thread of victory fire.
    Actually, I think you won't release it so quickly.

    I'll play it after the exam and wait for the full version.XD
    Luke and Eva?Just watch the screenshots,and you'll get the answer.

    Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
    another hack from you ^^ thanks ! I will wait for it . What about 6th gen, what is it ?
    The "6th gen" means the coming offical games "Pokemon X and Y".

    Originally Posted by chen12 View Post
    I tried patching it, but it gave me "Failed! Input checksum is invalid."

    Is there a specific patcher I need to use, because I used tsukuyomi.
    Please try another Emerld rom.
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