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Name: Sakura Ieyasu
Race: Yul
Age: 24
Gender: Male

As an adolescent, Sakura was a passionate and stubborn rogue with guts, lots of curiosity and an unusual respect for the shadows and dark. Twisted as it may have seemed to his peers, his family was happy for this aspect of his, along with his natural prowess at combat. The path he was required to follow put him through exercise, both of the mind and body, and immense training in the arts of espionage, sabotage and assassination. His once passionate nature has become a cold and restrained one, and through the image he projects through his profession of an assassin, people often misunderstand him as harsh, or even heartless and unemotional. Though not many people came to know him fully, those who did could tell that this notion was not valid. In truth, he is sensitive and strives for a better world for everyone, regardless of their race, profession or social status.Instead of doing it for riches, personal gain or glory among his peers, he maintains a higher purpose... one that is not clear by his looks, but by his actions towards the innocent, the helpless and the unarmed ones. Though, his approach at things render him ruthless and cunning, thus bringing a dark tone to his illustration.

Sakura believes that helping people by any means possible is an obligation of his, not only a choice, as he never truly chose to be an assassin - rather, he was forced into it by his family. The training he received did not only touch him externally, like it does to most of his fellows, who tend to believe that a life is a simple, odd happening which they can snap with the sharp edge of a blade, or fade it away into another plane of existence with a few drops of poison. Over the years, he has developed a philosophy of his own, one that is that every life form, as small as it can be, can affect history, even has the possibility of changing the whole world. That would seem complicated, but it is the reason he refrains from taking lives relentlessly, considering them important, beautiful yet fragile like a maiden in her youth. At times, he stops and thinks, considering his studies upon his target, and questions the possibility of sparing them. He does that with the promise of them vanishing from the world, and his unreadable silence about their fates.

Over the years of his commitment to the duties of an assassin, he gained the immense respect of his inner family circle, and along with his accomplishments came his reputation of a deadly assassin. All that was left from his once overly stubborn spirit was an unshakable determination, a dedication to his tasks that made him unrivaled. The people he contacted had now gotten used to his constant seriousness and immense understanding of a situation, which he acquired through studying it. Once he had set his eyes on a target, he would be entirely focused to just that, and he would often be too absorbed by his studies on them to keep some time for himself. As for the way he treated people, it got him known as a tremendously calm and cold blooded person. That was true, to some extent - being calm had proven a great asset to his job, as he was easily able to improvise, despite an operation being a single misstep away from falling apart.

Sakura is a silent type of person. He speaks quickly and only when required to, while he puts thought into his brief speech. He is rather intense and realistic, his words are often as sharp as his blades and their effects as intoxicating as the poisons they are coated with. When around those he considers friends, he prefers to keep a distance as he is often not quite fond of company - he is always quiet and acts collected around them, while on constant guard. He can be deemed reticent; this trait he had ever since he was a child, and he was always mistaken for a bashful person, though he is not. In large companies, he often keeps a shadowy, subtle vigil, until he speaks his mind and reminds everyone of his presence.As he is by nature introvert, he shows little to no emotions to those who manage to see whatever portion of his face they can under his hood. Serious as he always is, he rarely laughs or exclaims; his voice isn't low, but intense, yet discreet. He generally treats a person discreetly, thinking whatever they do, whatever their beliefs are, whatever power they have assumed, is a personal characteristic of theirs, in which he has no access or right to judge, and therefore he will keep his thoughts and opinion about it to himself. He holds warriors, sorcerers and believers in high regard, as honor is something he values; despite him absolutely disregarding it when it comes to his own job.

Appearance: Under a ray of light, you are likely to see the lower part of his face. It is pale, despite being a Yul, whose skins are usually darker colored. A smile is not likely to be seen there, only a firm line of lips that seem to blend in with his pale face. If he was to remove his hood, you would see a tough face with a perfect nose, meaningful deep blue eyes.The intense eyebrows that add might to his expressions are crowned by his dark brown hair, which is shiny, dense and rich. His movements greatly reflect his personality; calm, discreet, subtle and quiet. They are the types of movement caught by the eye, but not by the mind, as they do not arouse any kind of suspicion in their perfect balance and grace - perfect for blending in with the crowd, or hiding the intentions, usually lethal, he ought to keep hidden.

Those who do lay their eyes on the seemingly unimportant, hooded figure of Sakura, see a monk, or a traveler, standing at around 5'8" feet high from the ground. When traversing through the streets, he is wearing a worn out, cloak that is torn at some points, leather boots that reach up to his knee, black trousers and gloves as well as a grey silk shirt. He wears one belt in which he holds all of his knives and daggers, and a sheath for his short, sharp blade, Penumbra.


The heirloom his family granted, their insignia, which is a dashing wolf, is sometimes tuckered on the middle of his belt, often causing suspicious questions about his creed or origins. Depending on the certain needs of a mission, he will often disguise himself in order to atone with it and become one with its details and environment so that he may accomplish his task. Under his every disguise, he has a body of strong yet agile build. He is particularly flexible and muscled, allowing him to run very fast and do what we call 'free running', be it trees or urban environment.


Sakura was born as Kutsune Watanobi in a family of Shingoku assassins, in Suimeng, Reixue. As one of the Shingoku, he was forced early into training to the art of assassination by his parents, so that he may one day join them and bring honor to their family. His parents, Ishikawa, a Yul, and Kunoichi, a Feiri, were like minded when it came to raising their only son - they intended to teach him things clearly and intensely, right from the start. A single purpose was on their mind: to make him the ultimate assassin that would eventually be in lead the Shingoku, just like his great grandfather Hatori. His father guided Sakura and directed him towards the mastery of the infamous style of Sublimity the Shingoku used - the Steel Serpent style, taught him how to read and write, as well as transferred some of his wisdom to him through life lessons. His mother tutored him on the ways of the Shingoku, the art of espionage, and disguise; additionally, she taught him how to hunt, skin and cook animals. Through all the animals Sakura had observed, dead or alive, he gained an interest in their anatomy and studied it further, comparing it to his own in the way. He learned of the vital points of each organism, such as pressure points, and practiced killing animals using only his fists and chops - and then, as the years passed, on his targets.

Sakura had proven to be a far more defiant child than his parants had expected - in his teenage years, he became a thief, a rogue, although his family had no need of anymore riches. When the Watanobi family found out it was him, he humbly apologized to all of them, claiming he studied his target first, in order to steal from the wicked ones, and give his earnings to the poor. His parents showed trust in him, even if they did not believe him, and Sakura acknowledged and valued that, along with the life lessons they taught him. Ishikawa taught him that all people in the people of the republic are equals, and when Sakura asked him who the Shingoku thought they were, claiming lives for gold, he responded, 'you are not equal to the dead before you.' Sakura didn't fully agree with his father's logic, but never sought to argue with him.

Eventually, he joined the Shingoku at the age of seventeen. He proved to be worthy, a clever and quick Shingoku that delivered swift death from the shadows. Despite his age, he gained respect among his close family members, that were also Shingoku, and as two years passed, all the Shingoku that operated in Reixue came to know him. All this, until his failure to assassinate a local warlord - which ended in his capture, because his escape route was somehow blocked. He still believes to this day that it was one of his own that betrayed him, but he had no proof. His parents postponed his public execution until he was able to squeeze through the enhanced tightened bars of his cell, although that is rumored to be nothing but a myth. After his escape, he was forced to flee from the hidden eyes of the Shingoku, eventually leaving the country. Having nowhere else to go, he decided to become a traveling mercenary, as that is how he believed he would help people the most - and that's the way he would vanish truly.

"I trust myself in shadow."


Sakura is a capable free runner, being able to climb almost anything, including trees. Being a yul, he has the ability to establish a higher communication with animals, whom he loves and pets. As he lived next to the forest where he did his early training, his mother taught him how to hunt and skin animals, thus learning a bit of their anatomy and studying his own from them as well. His parents trained him in the specifics of the Steel Serpent style, in assassination techniques, espionage, sabotage and disguise.

Legend: Ciefe, the Reticent Shadow

RP Sample: I've shown you before, no?

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