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    This is mostly done, but I need to finish the background. Hope everything so far is okay~


    Nimael "Dust" Gryphus

    Race: Feiri

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Personality: "None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me."

    Dust is a woman recently enlightened, having broken away from years of servitude into a mind that she doesn't recognize, but has a myriad of experiences that she needs to get used to. She's used to all of the horrors of violence, and shared honor between a group of people, but has a somewhat immature view of the world as a result. She doesn't know how to separate lies from the truth, for the most part, or understand why a person would lie, which leaves her on the edge of sinking into cynicism or optimism, with need of somebody to guide her through to her own conclusion.

    There is one constant that has been with her through all of her experiences, and that is combat. It's something that she can hold and understand immediately, which leaves her with an unwavering courage and something of a cocky attitude thanks to the company she has kept in the past. She won't claim to be right in any situation, intervene with anything involving tactics or moral quandaries, or even doubt a person's claims of their own skill. She is humble in all things but combat, and will accept it being pointed out, but if somebody attempts to diminish her role in something, she will prove them wrong with a swift defeat; but not murder. She doesn't trust herself to judge when most people should die.

    Despite the issues that plague Dust, including her inability to decide for herself, there are some inherently good aspects about her person. She's capable of love, as it was the first thing she remembers acting upon. She's capable of intelligent understanding, as is inherent in most of her race. And she's loyal; she only has one true friend so far in life, but nothing can break the bond they share.

    She only bathes when there is nobody around, which means she needs to head to a nearby river if she's currently in civilization.


    Dust's is a face that would appear quite pleasant, were it not most often held in a slight sneer or simply expressionless, or framed by brunette hair not cut with a blade meant for killing. She wears no make-up or adornments other than those of her armor, adding to her simple appearance that can swiftly turn into a killing grimace. Soft curves make up her oval face, from the petite nose that sits above slightly pouty lips to the slender arch of her eyebrows that sit above similarly chestnut eyes. Even fewer scars or blemishes mark her olive-tinted skin, save for a stern gaze, for she's never allowed herself to be marked by blade, spike, or club. Some common ticks include flaring her nose when she's about to get angry, double-checking her stance and equipment, and tapping her fingers.

    Dust's body is lean muscle all over, packing strength and flexibility across her lithe and feminine form. In addition to standing taller than most, at a lofty six foot, she possesses a swift movement and demeanor that can often intimidate those who just watch her movements. Everything has a purpose, as she was trained to possess, and although she doesn't want to intimidate those around her, her mien has a way of producing that effect. She moves in such a way because of her training in Sublimity, which is where her physical control truly shines. Those who have the honor of watching such a graceful combatant, especially her, will often either flee for their lives or be dead before they can talk about it.

    The fine sheen of Zurine constantly adorns Dust's torso, layered in such a way as to provide protection for her center of mass and line the important parts of her limbs. Thick strands of Ferrelegni are wrapped around each other and woven beneath the Zurine, serving as a bolster to keep her armor attached and a second layer of protection to cover the third; some Aerelium male that can sometimes be seen through the second layer of protection. Besides that which serves as the main bulk of her armor, crimson Crysteel adornments can be seen layered upon her hips, shoulders, and other extremities she can easily twist into a defensive position. That which is not covered by Zurine is instead covered with the hide of a white Hydra, including in the space between her pauldrons and Zurine Gauntlets, and between her Crysteel hip-plates and Zurine boots.

    Though she does not often need to travel, Dust will carry any equipment in packs wrapped around her waist, so as not to throw off her center of balance. However, she does carry a set of armor and weaponry maintenance kits in a sash around her waist, along with a fresh set of underclothes and a few days' worth of rations. Despite being trained in many forms of combat, she cannot carry all of them, and usually only takes out a few at a time, but recent events have caused her to constantly carry a couple of Zurine daggers, one a punch-dagger, strapped into her boots, a Zurine arming sword attached to her hip, and a Ferrrelegni
    English Longbow strapped diagonally to her back. The ammunition, a few quivers of broadhead arrows, are held at the opposite hip to her sword. A collection of fieldpoint arrows are held with her other general equipment, for when she needs to practice, which is a lot of the time.


    Background: Dust was born of a working woman, but put out to the streets once past the initial infancy, for Ms. Gryphus simply could not pay to the feed a child, and such interruptions one would provide for her line of work were far too crippling to the business as a whole. Although initially confused by the sudden change of environment, the watchful guild known as the Sand Hatchlings snatched her away before she could become a victim of the streets or starvation. But, only a guild in name, they were but one group of children and teenagers in a battle for food amongst many who had no parents to let them survive, often housing themselves in abandoned basements or half-ruined buildings where they wouldn't be kicked out for vagrancy. Whichever strong few survived into teenagehood were sometimes lucky enough to be picked up by one of the Velchis mercenary groups.

    The Sand Hatchlings were perhaps not as vicious as some of the other desperate groups of children, seeking to find their coin by digging through the dirt or working for the blacksmiths, instead of killing other people robbed of all hope. Their hearts were perhaps a bit too golden for the life they lived, however, as the infants they took in proved too draining, and the attacks they suffered from in their little home on the outskirts of Velchis too damning to their stores. Somebody needed to help them get through, teach them how to protect themselves, and one such teenager came from another gang to do just that, calling herself Jab. Although she scared "Nim", as it was all she remembered of her name, this teenager helped them to become a group of violent children...but one that could survive nevertheless. Because of this, they were no longer allowed to stay in the basement of Ms. Gryphus' special hotel on particularly cold nights, despite how much she'd cared for them before. They'd survived, but were just like the others.

    It saddened Dust immensely, that she might not get to see Ms. Gryphus again, but she had to protect her friends anyway, and quickly became the most competent member of the group. She hadn't killed anyone yet, but Jab had been hired by one of the mercenary groups and the Sand Hatchlings put Dust as their new guild leader. It didn't last for long, as tragedy struck Ms. Gryphus and her "family" thanks to a group of rowdy gentlemen that murdered the former where she stood. Dust was grief-stricken as soon as she heard, and devoted herself to something she had never considered before, the next night. Though Ms. Gryphus' house went on, and the men returned, the eight year old with a stolen knife was the last thing they expected to see.

    Dust returned to the Sand Hatchlings covered in blood and bruises, but victorious, for whatever such a victory was worth. The guild members named her Dust for all those she left in it, but word of the deed soon spread around and a distinguished man of gleaming armor and rippling muscles soon visited their abode on the outskirts of Velchis, looking for the person responsible for the slaughter, and soon found Dust with the direction of her friends. He offered her the chance to get out of the life she'd been living, and harness the potential she possessed for something greater, so she could be greater herself. It was with much reluctance that she left with him, mind vulnerable from the act she'd committed, yet still loving of the other Sand Hatchlings.

    [Placeholder: Dust trained in the Sublime Way with the man until she had matured into a woman, being indoctrinated into thinking she was a weapon to be used for battle, but he made the mistake of taking advantage of her state of mind and tried to command her into laying with him; she killed him, because weapons don't do such things. She found a mercenary group and joined with them, until another attempted to take advantage of her servant's mind and she killed all of them, too. It happened again twice, until she reached the age of 25 and an enlightened master of the Sublime Way saved her from that life with enlightenment and tutelage. He wasn't able to make her a person, but he did break the slave conditioning and sent her on a journey to discover herself and her true role in the world.]

    Talents: Fighting is all Dust knows, and the extent of her abilities, for she does not possess social graces or any particular trade, save for maintaining equipment. She is very skilled with the Sublime Way, how to carry herself in battle, and constantly practices archery, but is nearly useless as a leader thanks to not understanding any tactics beyond what she alone can do.

    Legend: Marcell, Stalwart Guardian
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