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FF&W Feedback

Hello, everyone! With 2016 fast approaching, I would like to make some changes to this section and thought this would be a good to get your guys' opinions on some things!

1) Flash Fiction Challenges
So as you can tell, ever since November I had put the Flash Fiction Challenges on hiatus. The first twenty prompts or so there had been several stories for each prompt, but the later prompts no one attempted in writing them. Do any of you think I should bring back the Flash Fiction Challenges, and if so how? Before I would have a word or phrase as the prompt, should I continue that? Or would different kind of prompts, like a picture or youtube video, work better? Maybe a mixture of both?

2) Feedback on the writings
Another topic I want to bring up are reviews. While several members have been giving feedback on the writings in this section and I truly appreciate that, I want to enourage more people to comment. There have been a few instances where some people are concerned that their reviews needed to be indepth when that isn't always the case. What are some ways you think would encourage more people to review and not feel intimidated by it?

3) Commenting on completed writings
By finished writings, I mean the ones in the Archive section. Perhaps you're the kind of person that prefers to read a finished story and would like to let the writer know you enjoyed the whole story from start to finish. I'm considering allowing people to comment in the archive section, so anyone interested in that? As for how I'll go about it, I'll look into that soon.

4) Other activities
One last topic I want to mention are activities. The past summer we had a Writiing Blitz and then NaNoWriMo last month, both events having a good turnout. I plan to bring them back next year, but I'm also up for other activities you guys are intersted in!

And I think that's all the topics I want to bring into attention at the moment. Feedback on any of those would be appreciated! If there's something not mentioned here you want to discuss also, then don't hesistate to comment about it!

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