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Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
Great chapter it was a well worth read.
Glad you enjoyed!

Oh, and if the music files don't work please let me know because I couldn't check because of this ficky internet connection.

Part Twelve: The City of Shops
Or...well, a lot of shopping and acquiring the killer pony.


Let's check out this place...

You can tell when towns look the same to each other. Same sort of grass, path, etc so far for each one! It's also got the same overworld theme... although that's not necessarily bad because it's a catchy theme. And oh look, it's one of those politician people. =|

No Bek, don't talk to him it's a trap!


Doesn't look like they gathered here.

Bek sure is excited about the fungi gathering! Notice how Not-Sandslash is keeping his distance from the two.

(What's the rule then?). Anyways, I don't think it's that funny. =/

Screw the forest, we can have our large battles between creatures wherever we please! Although I am sceptical about having a telephone battle there. =/

...Come out?

Maybe it just means 'jump'.

Well done for having that name? "Congratulations, you sure earned it."

This just comes off as weird personally, the way Bek is declaring his happiness. I bet it's this politician's fault. =(

I like how he ignored the question.

Hmm, just maybe, Bek, just maybe...


As a note, why do they have different coloured hats....?

However Bek stops dwelling on this and instead GOES SHOPPING. Because tbh there's not that much of interest here and the competition serves very little - well, nothing - to the confusing plot here.


A technology-themed store! Other gadgets include Video, Computer and Mouse. Not very interesting and one wonders why you can buy them when you cannot use them yourself.

As a minor note, a red-hat guy now appears in the green-hat pollie's place! Abuh. But a phone call...?

...No, not really?

They must be too busy telling Bek to get more friends or chasing political careers.

...STORM wants a computer. Right.

But how about that - look at a computer in a shop, and they call you about it just like with the bomb. This never happened before when I played the game, I'm pretty sure. =/

Maybe Bek is not the only one who is SO HAPPY about a phone competition.

More engrish, please.

Great competition. But he doesn't quite tell the truth - everyone else in the competition just stands still and waits for you to battle. =/

Let's look at that other shop!

Ma-gun? Machine gun.

This sure is a strange shop. Machine guns, Sabres...

...Why is this in the shop.

MUSA probably already has one himself.

Yeah, I'll just buy these, thanks.

Easy in what way? Did he give you the winnings?

Rare things!? Like what, the Guide to Speaking English Good? Clearly this guy already has that because his sentence is all right, but the previous person...he needs it in this way.

Yay pointless houses.

The Politicians! But... [Clean vote]?

How specific.

"With this, even you can be a ninja!"

Battery...for what?

More of thes P-cards. They're actually good for grinding for exp later on in the game but not so much now.

I guess it's better than a shop selling machine guns...

The owl's name shows up again!

Ah, the usual NPC-blocks-the-next-route ploy. With extra engrish. I guess we will over the competition before go ahead from here by pass through then.

And this guy confirms that that way being blocked is what we will go by after the competition. It takes us to Palan.

Thanks, random e-monster!

Boy I sure am excited by these phone calls.

I bet he's a advertiser. Not a very convincing feature for a new phone though - that's it?

As for the fourth shop:

I hope it's just a toy crane. You know, instead of a real one... Actually a real one would be kinda cool to have. Unfortunately the tire is as big as the crane. At least these are named normally, but...

What the frell is a Tsita.

So much for moon rock or stone or whatnot - no, the translation is Luna.

One would be forgiven for forgetting this is a game about making monsters fight for you by getting their phone number.

Nobody else says anything of interest here and so we go into the forest!

So much for taking a shortcut. At least the Engrish here is consistent...?

Now, you can encounter wild e-monsters here before taking on the competitors (which helps because they can come to the battle straightaway instead of 2-3 turns or more to just arrive. Grinding is a good idea though because of one specific wild e-monster who will mess you up badly without some grinding but is the best friend to have.

To demonstrate!

They're of the land type and have no mercy.

So you start the battle with having to wait for your other two e-monsters.

It's faster than you.

Its attack animation is always fun to watch. (It looks far better than this gif).

Bam, half your health.

So how much damage can you do to it?

Even if its defences aren't that great it doesn't matter.

It also has access to a move called GRIND which is basically the same as SHOUT is if ever you don't feel like just winning straightaway it can just status you instead.

So yeah, grinding is needed! (You have little access to type advantages over it too. Of course one could just use a really fast one to be able to run away from it in battles, but that's no fun).

Stop interrupting my grinding.

Ah, it's 'inane questions time'! Let's say yes.

See, that statement makes no sense! Neither do the options! AAAAA

Thanks... I guess? Selecting the first option to both apparently was the right thing to do!

I like how he's telling me about an item that won't do anything.

Well, who wouldn't want a ray gun?

"Why do you keep calling me?" and "Now I want a ray gun."

During said grinding I had a few more encounters, one which involved me getting it down to 1 HP from a critical hit only for it to run away. But then:

And so:

And with some luck:

Yay! And if you think MLP is awesome:

Whelp time to win a competition.

Not shown - a walking-around-the-clearing sequence. And why is it 'call me' when you're standing a metre apart from each other. Kids these days...

This battle stars tree trunks and some water.

The only place where we get lots of unique trainer sprites! As a note - they get weirder.

(The game doesn't consider the competition battles to be that important apparently).

Normally the type-disadvantage would be a worry.

And so ends the battle.

This guy wishes he had an awesome horse.

One down.

There's other wild e-monsters of note - maybe not power-wise, but say:


Whatever he is, he's pretty smart!

For thos who do not know: "The oxter is the part of the human body right under the joint where the arm joins the shoulder." Pity wikipedia had to mention 'human body' because this surely isn't human. =(

Ah, but do you have an overpowered horse?

No, you just look weird.

Ah, the owl as mentioned!

That was fun.

Not-Sandslash sure is enjoying this.

And now he's about to become more useful!

I like how the only changes are a few more spikes, some shield-things to his arms, a bit more weight and the B changed to a P. At least BigMon is accurate! Dos this make Not-Sandslash Slightly-More-Not-Sandslash?

Straightforward dex entry here.

They seem oddly happy about losing.

I'll just end it here then - the rest of the competition shall be covered in the next update!