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    Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
    Username: Galoria
    Partner Pokemon: (Rainbow Dash) (Cutie) (Voltie)
    Reason for joining: Most of my favorite Pokémon are yellow, so I would love to join the club to share my feelings for them!
    Answer the current topic: I'll go for Victini. Its movepool is impressive, like Zen Headbutt, T-Bolt, V-create, U-Turn. His stats outspeed easily Terrakion and Alakazam, sometimes Gengar, and can do many defauts to the oppenent. Its signature attack, V-Create is simply...too powerful! Mainly under zenith. As we know, all Victini must have to be Choiced.
    Yeah, in my opinion Victini is the most powerful one with a great movepool too kill Politoed under rain with T-Botl, Forretress, Scizor, Ferrothorn, Alakazam, Gengar, Terrakion, Machamp, Genesect, etc...

    OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing!
    I agree, Victini can very powerful with the correct move set c; Welcome to the club, and thanks for actually reading the Rules! (Unlike Ozzy o_o) Welcome to the club! :D
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