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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Preferred username: Hikari10
    Partner Pokémon: Yanmega
    Answer the current topic: I'd probably have to say Burgh, the strategy he did by sending out Dwebble when Ash had a Fire-type out (Tepig) was a great way to catch him off-guard, also Leavanny put up a pretty good fight.
    Favorite Bug type move: Bug Buzz and X-Scissor, two strong Bug attacks that greatly benefit their offensive stat of choice.
    Why do you like/love Bug type Pokémon?: Bug Pokemon have very interesting designs, while they each have varying roles in battle, some being stallers who love to annoy the foe, others being all-out attackers. And it had a lot of unique type combinations to go with some of them too.
    Welcome to the club. Yanmega gives me the willies just looking at it but it is pretty powerful and fast. Burgh sure trained his Bugs to stand up to Fire types. I liked his Whirlipede, and how it deflected attacks so easily. Bug types have been paired with almost every type. Makes them unique and hard to prepare for. Take the dual Bug/Fire combo special to Larvesta and its evolved form Volcarona, how is it a Bug is weak against Fire yet takes on Fire as a second type? 2 special Bug types right there.

    Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
    Preferred username: Narnia
    Partner Pokémon: (do I really have to choose, it's impossible :[) Forretress

    Favorite Bug type move
    : Bug Buzz is a rather interesting move- it gives most bug Pokemon the chance to shine and become an offensive threat. It also makes them an intimidating foe with the ability to lower Special Defense. While this is pretty cool, I'd have to say I really like U-turn. It gives momentum to your team, it helps you get out of a tricky situation while inflicting damage and so tough Pokemon such as Tyranitar can't touch you with Pursuit or anything like that. In general it's a really useful move and it has helped me a lot over the years.

    Why do you like/love Bug type Pokémon?
    They can do almost anything! There are Pokemon such as Ninjask and Yanmega that can help give your team that extra speed while also becoming unbelievably speedy themselves. They can inflict almost every status imaginable and they're really diverse and interesting. Some of the coolest Pokemon are Bug-types, I mean look at Shedinja. That Wonder Guard ability is great and it's quite an interesting concept. There's Volbeat and Illumise with their Prankster abilites, so that they can successfully irritate the foe. You can pretty much throw a bug-type on any team and they'll shine, no matter what role they play. Whether you need a sturdy wall like Forretress, a speedy attacker like Yanmega or you're just looking for something new- bug-types can do everything that you'd ever want.

    Answer the current topic:
    I haven't watched the anime to know anything about the bug type trainers but I'd have to say Burgh sounds pretty cool. I've seen one episode with Venipede and the way he handled the situation calmly was rather impressive. And for that it'd have to go to Burgh, in my opinion.
    Welcome to the club. Forretress is one of my favorite Bug types, just looks interesting and interesting to use in battle. I feel bad that it's very weak against Fire because of its dual Bug/Steel combo however. I have never played the Hoenn through Unova games but alot of people tell me all these interesting facts that make me curious to know about them and play the games. I watched that episode too. Never seen so many centipede-like Pokémon in my life (I have a fear of bugs in real life, especially ones with many legs).