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    Originally Posted by -Ahsan- View Post
    Preferred username
    Partner Pokémon
    Which bug pokemon has the best design?
    Favorite Bug-type move
    Signal Beam
    Why do you like/love Bug-type Pokémon?
    They can prove to be a nuisance with stat altering moves or hit hard with attacks such as Megahorn, X-Scissor, Signal Beam and Bug Buzz
    Welcome to the club. Good choice with Heracross, a true powerhouse. I found it funny in the anime when he'd suck the sap from Bulbasaur. Poor Bulbasaur. Scolipede is amazing, the size, colors and power of it is astonishing. I agree, they can be annoying with status-effecting moves, especially Supersonic or any of the ones that involve powders like Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder.

    Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
    Preferred username

    Partner Pokemon:

    Which bug pokemon has the best design?
    Volcarona, Vespiquen, Whirlipede, and Scyther

    Favorite Bug-type move:

    1 Quiver Dance - Elegant

    2 Steamroller - Awesomely awesome (definitely not a generic move)

    3 Attack/Defend/Heal Order

    Why do you like/love Bug-type Pokémon?
    First off, it is love, not like. Bug types are my favorite, tied with grass types. First off, many of my favorites are bug types, Butterfree, Venomoth, Scyther, Beautifly, Illumise/volbeat, Masquerain, Wormadam, Vespiquen, Volcarona, Vespiquen, Galvantula, Leavanny, Escavalier, Scolipede, even Crustle is growing on me.

    And Flygon, or at least, it should be a dragon/bug type.
    Welcome to the club. Vespiquen scares me a bit, just looks intimidating. I like how they made Scyther this blade-wielding mantis, they did good with his design, and Volcarona just bursts with intense colors. I liked Steamroller in the anime, just cut through everything. Alot of those Bug-types I like/love too. Galvantula is growing on me and Scolipede has too.