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    Um, okay, you see, by editing, I meant changing parts, not replacing words xD
    While you did changed it, having a hospital in Oldale is like having a Skyscraper in Pacifidlog Town: unlogic, the town's way to small for a hospital :P Also, if you consider that the region itself is shown to be pretty damn big, it's also kind of unlogic that a person can go from the south-western part of Hoenn to the center-ish eartern part of it without fainting or just dying. You also said that Mia likes to jump on vines, but, why exactly? Why does she enjoy swinging rather than walking like everyone else? Is she a hipster and thinks walking is too mainstream or something like that? xD

    Seriosuly, though, I do admit that it was my fault to not point this earlier, and I apologize for that, and for being so damn annoying, too xD

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