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    a dark chracter that thinks he looks awful despite looking kind of regular... I likes :3

    Needless to say, you're accepted, here's your Treecko, it's the only starter available xD



    As a side note, I've been considering something... Since the RP is, how may I phrase it... dying, I've contemplated throwing the event involving Team Gaia that I had planned earlier, extending its duration until Rusturf Tunnel has been explored...

    But what I wanted to ask goes as follow: Do you have any future posts planned that could be utterly messed if I throw the event? I'm asking because I don't want to leave everyone with a writer's block after the event is done, but neither do I want the RP to die, so... yeah.

    I'm also removing the medal system and the pokedex stuff in the IC, it's just to hard to keep up with everything that has happened xD

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