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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    It has come to my attention that the RP is dying, and there's no prettier/softer way of saying it...

    Chillacy Seath, played by danaxe is officially pulled off because danaxe didn't even try to change his post when I told him to do so...

    romdinner, Galdr, Khawill, you are now WARNED, if you do not post anytime this week, I'll have to pull you off for inactivity...

    ytfeL, you told me the reson you were offline, so no probs with that, just get online whenever you can.
    However, Baloth, you didn't told me why you have been offline, I don't want to pull you off because you, TornZero & ytfeL are Joint-Posting, but I will have to WARN you, if you don't tell me why you were offline I will have to pull you of...

    Sorry for sounding rude, but I won't allow this RP to die because people aren't posting, I'm not asking for a post per day, either, you should post at least once a week... hope you can understand.
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