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Originally Posted by lolwhet View Post
Map Name: _____ Town. (not named yet.. :P )

Map Game: Fire Red

Comments: This is the starting town for my hack. I quite like this one, but I wanted to post it here and see what you guys think. I have 7 edited tiles, see if you can spot them all! :D If you have any suggestions on the name, please share! By the way, I know that it is weird having a PokeMart in the starting town but its actually part of the storyline.

Good points -
-Tree shading. Often times new hackers mess that up.
-Nice use of flowers.
-How you used the fences looks good. No real point - just kind of there to add color.

Unfortunately, there's a lot more negative aspects...

Bad points -
-Very linear. The pathways, and trees are very square and unnatural, even compared to Gamefreak. I can't stress the pathways enough -- they look terrible as they are now.
-The long bushes in the middle are ugly and unneeded, possibly making it into just one about 5 tiles wide along the tops of the trees would be much better.
-Too many tiny bushes. Way too many. Personally, that tile in itself looks weird on 99% of maps.

Overall rating: 4/10.


My map:
Comments - A town at the base of a mountain.