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Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
I'm assuming you're mapping in the "natural" style, so I guess I won't comment on how you could place the grass in a neater format. Regardless of style, however, playability must still be taken into account at all times. And it seems like you haven't, as there are many instances in this map where there are one-block-wide, or two-block-wide paths, which decrease the playability of a map alot.

The sand paths aren't very good either. No human in their right mind would take the effort to make such a zigzaggy path. They'd just make it go straight up, then straight across. If you've done the paths zigzaggy because it's meant to be where the path was worn away, then you're using the wrong tiles :/ I also think that the paths are being used as space fillers. Don't be so scared of empty space, it can be very useful. Try and remove some, and it will look a much more spacious, and not so claustrophobic.

The island idea is pretty cool, but the bottom left border of the river disappears into the rest of the land, which means it's not actually being supported.



Map Name: Taupe Desert
Game: FireRed
Comments: It's connected to two separate maps, one to the left at the top and one to the left at the bottom. The PC is there as an event in the next map involves quite a lot of battling, and the last PC was on the other side of the cave that you exit to get into this map. So yeah :P

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