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    Okay guys so I'm back playing Yu-gi-oh since we've gone through terrible formats and now this format is actually decent in my opinion since so many decks can now in theory make it to the top and it's not currently a 2 deck race like last format (Dragons or Prophecy.)

    I recently went to a silver event playing Six Samurai and went 2 wins and 2 losses. I decided as a last minute choice to main deck D-Fissure and Macro Cosmos which help me win against Dragon Ruler Plants. I was wondering if anyone has good side deck suggestions for Mermail and Firefist ?


    First thing I would do is to try and cut the deck down to 40 cards and see which cards you like more in the deck. Many players currently use the plant engine with another archetype such as dragons or physics. I wonder if Kaarkuri Machina plants could make a come back since it was an older style deck but I reckon it has similar plays now with spore back.