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Originally Posted by François View Post
Queen of the Night is such a beautiful card, I adore her. Her effects are kinda subpar but the name / art <3 Unfortunately I don't think a Flower Princess deck is ideal for summoning her, though. You'd probably be better off using Hieratics, Blue-Eyes or Gimmick Puppet because in a plant deck she's not much easier to summon than Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth :'( I'd like to help you with the deck but I don't think there's anything that could make it at all consistent.
I don't actually think Queen of the Night would see much playing time. A lot of the cards are geared at bringing out the high level monsters, but I can see Felgrand being a more viable option. This is a deck I plan on using irl, so it might sound odd, but having the deck revolve around the theme of plants is something that I'd like to adhere to.

Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
First thing I would do is to try and cut the deck down to 40 cards and see which cards you like more in the deck. Many players currently use the plant engine with another archetype such as dragons or physics. I wonder if Kaarkuri Machina plants could make a come back since it was an older style deck but I reckon it has similar plays now with spore back.
I've stared at this deck for awhile and find it pretty hard to cut 5 more cards. And I feel like with the plant theme, a lot of the monsters work specifically targeting other plants, i.e. Lord Poison, so the synergy is there. Idk, what would you cut? Probably the random beat sticks like Botanical Lion, and Cephalotus.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Flush'd, if you make the deck 60 cards but keep to the rule of 1 each I will play Highlander with you :D I love Highlander! Your deck is missing some of the staples of the format but otherwise pretty ok.

But uh, competitively plants are kinda eh. Queen of the Night is cool but hard to summon, and the investment of 3 level 8s is brutal.
Don't know what Highlander is tbh haha. And yeah, Queen of the Night is pretty bad. The individual Flower Princesses are probably better alone. I was thinking that on the off-chance that I'm winning a duel and could make that tribute, I'd summon her. But yeah, there are better rank 8s. And what staples am I missing? I've been out of the game too long to know what's relevant anymore haha.

Tbh, I don't exactly know what I'm asking for. I appreciate all the thoughts though haha.