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    Is it okay for me to put this here for now? The first post isn't done yet, but i wanted to have the rest here XD

    Name: Charlotte Kattsburg
    Gender: Female
    Color: Brown
    Class: Knight

    Age: 14.5


    Hamburg, Germany. The house is an average sized one, but with a notably large garden. The garden is mostly made up of a big lawn, bordered with plants and bushes, and surrounds the entire house. At the backside of the house is a door to the lawn, although it can be entered at the front side too. If you enter the garden via the backside, a terrace is there with stone stairs leading down to the actual lawn. There is also a trampoline and a swing set at that side.

    Family: Sister named Iris, 'Mutti' named Elise, four parrots named Amethyst, Smaragd, Saphir and Rubin.

    Theme song: and

    Good personality traits:

    Charlotte is a creative kind of person, often coming up with good ideas if her usual method of solving something does not work. Her creativity also has caused her passion for playing the flute, but it does not have any effects on her skill. She is also quite intelligent, especially on the subject of languages, learning multiple languages at the same time. She could speak fluent English when she was only eight years old, even though her main language is German. She has impressed many people with her skills, even having gone as far as only speaking English for one day when she was ten years old. Another thing that either may have caused or has been caused because of her intelligence is her impressive memory. She easily remembers the small details of things that have happened a long time ago. Her memory is mostly useful for tests, because she is able to start studying for it only two days before the test and still get good grades. Charlotte often uses her intelligence to impress people by using her extensive vocabulary and thus gain what she wants, while she only has to make people think she is the smarter one.

    Bad personality traits:

    Charlotte has a tendency to quickly burst out into rage fits, which often take a while for her to stop. These can be triggered by something as simple as things not quite going the way she likes. Sometimes she just gets really annoyed by things, but if she gets angry after that the raging becomes worse. These tantrums vary, from screaming, keymashing and cursing to literally flipping tables. Also, she is quite aggressive, even when not enraged. Often her first idea will be brute force, and this has gotten her in quite a few fights. She also is a bit lazy with the things she needs to do, only doing the bare minimum and getting others to do her work for her. She usually starts those things at the very last moment, which is a large risk for her and the others involved in it. Charlotte is quite manipulative, lying and sometimes even blackmailing to get whatever she wants.

    Interests and hobbies:

    Charlottes main interest is birds. Specifically parrots, although she is quite the fan of other birds too. For this reason, she keeps four parrots at home which Charlotte likes to consider her most prized possession. She also owns several books about how to keep and care for them, but most books about birds that she owns contain information on a miscellaneous selection of birds. Another interest Charlotte has is playing the flute. She has been on flute lesson since a year, although she wanted to learn how to play it since she was nine years old. Charlotte has one at home which she got from her grandmother shortly before she passed away, but she rarely plays it and uses the cheap one her mother bought for her. Every Wednesday she goes to her flute lessons. Her final big interest is playing video games, a thing she considers very normal for any teenager. She owns various platforms, although she has taken a liking to handhelds. She has a large box of games at home, and most of them are RPGs, but she also owns several other genres. She rarely plays games on her computer, but she enjoys MMORPGs and other multiplayer games.

    Charlotte is a little bit taller than the average person of her age, but still leaning more towards the normal than the extreme. She is a bit on the chubby side, and relatively flat-chested. Her hair reaches to her shoulders, and is colored golden blond. Although her mother prefers her to wear a ponytail, Charlotte often disobeys and keeps her hair the way it is: slightly wavy with only tiny bangs. Her eyes are brown, and there are a few light freckles around her nose. Charlotte wears glasses, which she often cleans. She utterly dislikes make-up and never wears any. The same goes for jewellery. Her clothing style consists of mostly black, but she sometimes wears brighter clothes. Her favourite outfit is made out of a black vest, a black shirt and jeans that are only slightly damaged. She only has two pairs of shoes, black boots and blue shoes. She only rarely wears the black boots for she greatly prefers the blue ones.

    First post:

    Charlotte sighed. Her flute lessons shouldn't be this long. Yet they were. Oh, what things she was prepared to do for just one skill! She closed her eyes for a moment to be able to listen better. The other people around her were playing at the same time, but some of them played entirely different things. It all caused an orchestra of chaos. She opened her eyes again, and looked around. The room she was in was quite empty, with only a few others in a large room. The lack of other things didn't really help either. So she just stared at the bright red floor for a minute. Maybe it was two minutes. Maybe even three. Charlotte couldn't tell. So she just sat there, and waited.

    "Class is over!"

    Suddenly, those words boomed through the chamber. Charlotte was in an instant pulled away from her little staring contest with the floor, and let out and even deeper sigh than before. This one, however, was a sigh of relief. She took her bag, put her flute back in the wooden box where it belonged and put the box in her bag. Then, Charlotte bended over and grabbed the papers that were under the table. She all put them into a dark red folder which she also put into her bag. As she kicked the wooden chair she was sitting on to the corner without caring about the fact that she could also just get scolded at, she slung the bag over her shoulder and walked out of the room. She stopped for a moment. She could either take the elevator or go down the stairs. But she really wasn't feeling like walking down all those stairs, so she simply wandered into the elevator and waited for it to take her down to an height she could actually walk out and not fall to her death. When she was downstairs, she walked outside, although the sun was burning in her eyes.

    She started walking. The streets were quite empty, unlike most other days. Usually there were cars everywhere. But then again, she didn't exactly live in the most well-known or populated part of Hamburg. It was a big city, and there were lots of places she had yet to visit. However, she'd gladly do that another day. Because this day was not a good day, adding up flute lessons, boiling hot sun and general tiredness. Fortunately, it only was a short way to her home, where she could relax all she wanted.


    This voice sounded all too familliar to her. What was she doing out her? Oh well, Iris had always been a bit puzzling to her.

    "Iris, why are you here?"

    Her sister only chuckled, but stopped and started waving a bit. Now she was standing on the other side of the street, carrying what seemed to be two large bags.

    "Just answer me already, dammit!" Charlotte screamed, getting slightly annoyed. She ran over to the other side, paying only little attention to the slight chance of a car passing. "Now again, Iris, why are you here?" she said to her little sister. "Well, Mutti said i should go and buy some stuff. Why are you here?" she said, imitating Charlottes voice at the end. Charlotte growled a bit. "Iris, stop that. You know i hate it when people imitate me. You know why? Because they always get it wrong. And to answer the question you probably already knew the answer to, flute lessons." she said, her voice sounding even more annoyed with every word. "Oh. OK! Also, Mutti said the games you bought are in the mailbox now! Heeheehee!"

    Iris was smiling brightly, which would have made Charlotte slap her if she didn't come with the good news. Charlotte paused. "Really?" she asked, wondering if it was just some stupid trick. "Yes!" Iris cheerfully replied. "Oh well, got nothing to lose." Charlotte then muttered. Just as she finished her sentence, she darted off while shouting something that could vaguely be discerned as "GAMES! HERE I COME!"

    As she stopped and stood in front of the mailbox while breathing heavily, she thought for a moment. Which one would she play first? What would she do if one of the games wasn't fun enough? She calmed down slowly. That would be something to think, and maybe be angry about later. She opened the mailbox and took everything in it without looking. Happiness slowly started to fill her usually grumpy mind as she walked towards the door. Even though she had a key with her, she just bonked on the door. She could hear the footsteps her Mutti was making while walking on the tiles in the little hallway from the entrance to the living room. As soon as she had opened the door, Charlotte rushed inside. After going through the tiny hallway she came in the dining room, which actually was more a central room. A large wooden table sat in the middle, and often her Mutti would invite her family to come over for an - often huge - dinner. Suddenly, the house also became more welcoming compared to the hallway. It was likely that the wooden floor and carpet played a huge role in this, as well as the fact that it connected to a lot of the other rooms in the house. Charlottes Mutti walked back to the living room, where she just went to lie on the rather comfy sofa and watch TV. Charlotte, instead, walked the other way. She came into a long hallway with not a tiled or wooden floor, but one with a deliciously soft carpet. This was basically the 'room' with the most other connctions, connecting to the attic, the bathroom and the three bedrooms. She walked into her own room and closed the door. She then just proceeded to sit down on her bed and examine the package. Or, as she only just had noticed, packages. How odd. Was there some sort of accident? Was there some kid now who was crying about not getting his games? Charlotte couldn't care less. It only meant she got extra games! One of the packages was just a normal box, but the other one was colored pitch black with colorful designs on it. Strangely enough, it wasn't the normal design and even stranger, it was adressed to her. She was just dying to open it. But suddenly...


    "What do you want? Can't you hear i'm busy?"

    Ugh. Charlotte was clearly not happy with this. She could almost open the package, but her Mutti just had to interrupt. She put the package down and walked towards the living room, only to see Mutti rolling around on the couch with her parrots flying around her. "Charlotte, PLEASE. Get those damn birds away!" she screamed. Now Charlotte was angry. "Those aren't just 'damn birds'! Those are beautiful, elegant parrots, and they have names! Call them by it!" she said, her voice rather clearly sounding angry. "Mhm. Okay. Get Amethyst, Smaragd, Saphir and Rubin away because they're your birds, i mean parrots, and I let you have them if you would be responsible and care properly for them. So please get them away and stop commanding me because you're my daughter, not the other way around." Elise said quite calmy. "Pfft, fine. Jerk." Charlotte said quite softly, which was followed by an "Oi!" by her Mutti. She made a sign with her hands, and the four parrots all stopped and sat on the table. Then, when Charlotte left the room, they all followed her to the large cage in her sister's bedroom. Because her own room didn't have enough space, with her bookcase, desk, bed, and the rest of her stuff taking up all room, she decided to move the cage to another room. Which, of course, was Iris' room. It was a rather uncommon show of trust, especially for Charlotte. She let the four parrots fly into it and closed the cage.

    She walked back to her own room, relieved that she was done and excited to open the package. She closed the door and sat down on her bed again. Without any further thoughts, she opened the normal package and spread the contents out on her bed. Everything she had ordered. Good. But the most exciting part would come now, the black package. Charlotte opened it and found one case inside. The first thing she noticed was the colorful design, and the big letters spelling out 'CHESS'. She sighed. Chess? That could either be some fancy version of that everything-but-fancy boardgame or just a stupid acronym. However, she wanted to try it out first. She checked out the rest of the box and found nothing but a leaflet. On it was written some text, which looked quite promising.

    "Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS."

    Now that was something. She turned the case over, hoping to find more details on the back of the box. The only thing she saw was some quite mysterious but interesting text.

    "✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.
    ✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.
    ✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE."

    Player, kiss, dreamself, moons, afterlife. She couldn't even think straight anymore due to sheer excitement. It appeared to be a game unlike any other, so she opened the case and took the CD that was inside out. A computer game, huh? Charlotte walked towards her computer and put the CD in it. Oh, this was going to be great.
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