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    Name: Rachel Lee
    Gender: Female
    Color: Purple
    Class: Mage

    Age: 16
    Home: A small house in Queens, NY.
    Family: Mother, father, and pet ball python named Reggie.
    Theme song:

    Good personality traits: Rachel is a girl who loves to entertain others, and is pretty good at cheering people up. She never takes herself too seriously. She is a great improviser, so she can adapt to new situations fairly well. Her mind is creative and clever, so she can come up with unusual answers to tough problems. She doesn't discriminate, and treats everyone as individuals.

    Bad personality traits: Rachel always wants to be acknowledged, not necessarily in the spotlight, but she prefers to be, and she gets irritated if she's ignored. She also has a hard time being honest about her emotions, both to others and herself. She procrastinates on everything, even things she enjoys. She is an awful swimmer, and has an irrational fear of geese.

    Interests and hobbies: Rachel's main passion is theatre. She's been acting ever since elementary school, and even though it started out as small class skits, her love for it carried through to bigger performances. While all genres of theatre appeal to her, she adores musical comedy. She also just likes music in general, not caring what genre it is. While she can sing pretty well, she doesn't play any instruments, unless you count the kazoo. She also enjoys all types of fiction, whether it is a mystery novel, a sci-fi movie, or magical girl anime. She plays games as well, and while it’s usually board games, she does enjoy RPGs. The only sport she participates in is fencing, and while she's not that great at it, she still does it because it’s cool.

    Appearance: Rachel is a third generation American-born Chinese, so while she looks Asian, she doesn't really think of herself as such. She has long black hair that reaches her mid back. She typically keeps it tied up in a bun to keep it out of the way. Her skin is tan, and usually doesn't burn, but can if she isn't careful. Her eyes are brown, but she likes wearing colored contacts. Her body and height are pretty average, standing at 5'3 and weighing 130 lbs. She only wears make up and jewelry for costumes and special occasions. Her typical attire is pretty boring, since Rachel doesn't try to look fashionable. It's essentially just T-shirts and blue jeans with a light jacket, but when the weather is cold, she likes to wear turtlenecks and oversized pullover hoodies. She wears the same pair of black sneakers every day, usually with colorful socks.


    First post:

    “Alright, that’s all for today! You guys are dismissed.”

    Everyone sighed in relief. It was a long tech rehearsal, but they somehow managed to survive. The show was coming up soon, so everyone was getting stressed out. However, there was one girl who still looked peppy.

    “Man, I’m so excited! Opening night is on Friday! I’m so pumped!” Rachel cheered, flexing her arms.

    “At least you’re excited about it.” Her friend Mike groaned. “I’ve got some big tests that week and I won’t have any time to study with these late rehearsals.”

    “Pfft, studying. Who needs that?” She replied. “You can worry about that boring stuff after the Sunday show. Just relax and enjoy yourself!”

    “I don’t know if I can get away with that. I’m already behind in my classes from this musical…”

    “You just gotta believe, Mike.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “Believe in the Rachel that believes in you!”

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

    They both walked out of the theater and into the parking lot, where cars were waiting to pick kids up. Rachel’s mother could be seen in her little silver car, talking on her cell phone.

    “Well, it looks like my ride is here. See you tomorrow, Mike.” She walked over to the car, and waved her hand at Mike.

    “See ya.” He gave a wave back and smiled.

    Rachel opened the car door and got in the front seat. Her mother was still on the phone.

    “Oh, my daughter’s here now. I’ll call you back later, alright? Bye!” She finished up her call and turned to face Rachel. “So, how was practice, honey?”
    “It was okay. Long and tedious, but that’s to be expected. The show is this weekend, after all.” Rachel shrugged. “How was work?”

    “Well, it started out alright, but Jerry would not stop complaining about the broken vending machine. I swear he’s the only one who uses it anyway. Nothing but candy in there. He’s a grown man, an accountant, and he still behaves like a child. Why, just the other day…”

    Rachel’s mom proceeded to talk about office drama for the rest of the drive home, but her daughter didn’t mind. Her mother always had great stories to tell. As they pulled into the driveway, Rachel noticed a package on the front door.

    “Ooh, is that for me? Has my birthday come early this year?” Rachel inquired playfully.

    “I don’t know. I don’t remember ordering anything.” She parked the car, and got out to look at the package. “Well I can’t tell what it is, but we’ll just open it once we get inside.”

    Rachel eagerly grabbed the package as her mother unlocked the small, one-story house.

    “We’re home!” She announced as she entered the building. It was dimly lit with the main source of light coming from the living room. The television was on, playing some sort of drama, while her dad was asleep on the couch. Rachel smiled. He must have had a long day at the clinic.

    Making sure not to wake him up, they sneaked into the kitchen and turned on the light. The teen eagerly opened the package to find what appeared to be a game box, labeled CHESS. She frowned. While chess was nice and all, she was expecting it to be more exciting. Still, the box seemed rather fancy, so maybe there was some potential.

    After having a quick bite to eat, she headed back through the living room to the other end of the hallway where the bedrooms were. Her own room was littered with stuff. Her fencing outfit was strewn on the floor, books were lying in piles on desks, and her bed sheets were tangled together in a giant ball of cloth. Her pet snake was chilling in his tank as usual.

    “Hey there, Reggie~ Momma’s home!” She said, cooing at him. “Who’s a cute snakey? You are!”

    After feeding the ball python, she pulled out her desk chair, opened up her laptop, and put on her headphones so she could sing along to the various soundtracks she had accumulated on her hard drive. However, the game box made her curious. There had to be something more to it than just chess. Opening the box, it only had a leaflet and a CD inside. She pulled out the small piece of paper and read its contents.

    "Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS."

    “Hmm. Wasn’t expecting that.” She looked back at the cover again to see more writing. She could have sword it wasn’t there before.

    "✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.
    ✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.
    ✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE."

    “Huh. Well, I might as well try this game out. It seems pretty neat, actually.” She took out the CD and put it in her disk drive, not knowing what lay ahead for her.

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