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    An author is interested in starting a new Pokemon story that talks of a complete collapse of friendship between humans and Pokemon. The government in power is trying their very best to completely eradicate every Pokemon there is, but a Pokemon antagonist constantly gets in the way. However, the author can't think of an appropriate Pokemon for this major character role.

    Offer a possible Pokemon character who is fitting to be the antagonist of this story, and explain. Legendaries maybe used. If you see no existing Pokemon that is fitting for this job and wants to make a new Pokemon, describe what attribute does this new Pokemon need to have in order to take up this role.

    Points are given according to how well you defend your chosen Pokemon, and if you truly considered different aspects when you choose your Pokemon character.
    First time I'm trying this out, I'm kind of nervous. ^x^

    It'd actually be prompted to go for a legendary on this one; probably Lugia. Here's why:

    Leadership: Lugia's authority is unquestionable. Yes, brains is important, and so is power. But a Caterpie can't lead an army for one good reason: it wouldn't be able to compete against internal dissidence. The Legendaries, being the strongest of the strong (or so we can assume), can easily either crush or try to negociate around any disagreements. Furthermore, Lugia, being the mythical baby-sitter of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, has already shown that it possesses a bomb-proof temperament: if it can quell a world-threatening spat between siblings, leading an army single-file should be a piece of cake in comparison.

    Negociations: Lugia can speak to humans, and this is a big plus. Having already interacted with humans (naturally, this is only if the author decides to take Pkmn2K into account), Lugia would have a far better chance of smoothing out excess conflict, and recruiting pokemon-friendly humans willing to help its cause. (But of course, there would still be conflict and bloodshed, or else what kind of self-respecting war would it be?)

    Organisation: Like any institution, an army is run by many people doing many different things at many different times; communication can be very difficult to manage. Being Psychic and a Legendary, Lugia is telepathic by default (again, the movie gives this once extra cedibility, as it does communicate with Ash telepathically)--this means speaking with a number of different people at a time, which is naturally the key to keeping the machine running like clockwork, on or off the battlefield.

    Credibility: Out of all the Legendaries, Lugia is probably the best suited for the job. What with the whole Beast of the Sea thing and whatnot, it's demonstrated its ability to keep a level head and assert itself. Mew, well...Mew, enough said. Mewtwo wouldn't want anything more to do with humans, in my own humble opinion, after two debacles with TR. Moltres/Articuno/Zapdos would want nothing more than to kill the two others than anything else--conveniently, Lugia would probably be able to put them under his command: I'm pretty sure they'd make effective generals, given the right incentive. Raikou has that whole environmentally-friendly thing going for it, but then again, so does Lugia. Entei might make a good candidate, but that whole 'I-shall-grant-you-every-wish' thing is kind of a turnoff. Suicune isn't a leader, although it'd make a wonderful scout, and Ho-oh hasn't made enough appearances so that I can pass judgement. As for the rest, I must confess my gaping ignorance concerning the Gen3 Legendaries/pokemon in general, because, well...Ihaven'tplayedRubyorSapphireorseenanyofthemoviesandIsuck. Plus, I stopped watching the show awhile ago. ;.; *sob*

    The only incovenient side of Lugia is its size, which is rather problematic in terms of performing stealth jobs; however, this is why there are spies! In any case, for sheer showiness, a huge, good-looking, powerful pokemon can't be beat. Lugia, flying at the front of an army--what a moral-booster for the troops, not to mention the oppositon must be wetting their pants at the thought! Furthermore, since it's relatively unknown in terms of characterization, Lugia can be played out however the author likes.


    There, now my brain is fried and I couldn't come up with more if I tried. u.u *dies*

    PS: don't bother trying to understand what CQFD means. It's French, and a total insider besides XD
    PPS: I'm totally confused as to those 'mother-baby Lugia' episodes in the Johto arc...I sort of only half-watched them. u.u *bricked* So I'll leave the validity of the above up to your discretion.
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