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    i have been playing this game for the past few days and im kinda stuck somewhere after the main storyline...
    I have got devihel, breatherna, felinar, giratina and lugia from the legendaries and im trying to get gabby now but somethings messed up. I saw that vid on YT that shows u gotta meet gabby and claire in oceanshine, then go to the top of mountain through the cave above waterfall to meet gabby and diane there, then back to oceanshine, activate quest and listen to the old guy, but i did the mountain part before the one in oceanshine and now, even though i have activated the quest, the old man wont tell me the story... Any ideas?
    Apart from that, how do i start that quest to collect ruby destiny fragments? Chaomega is telling me to meet giratina in shadow valley (which i already did, and chosen to be its trainer) and idk what to do. I cant even get to the shadow valley now cause the cave which leads to it somehow became a dead end...
    Oh, and how do i get hevah symbol to be able to take a boat from rainbow path to gento?
    And the last thing - all "marts" except the one at hevah league got messed up as well. They dont sell anything (only offer me things marked as ?????). same thing with the guy who sells elemental stones...
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