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Originally Posted by Darkrai666 View Post
Hey So Ive been Playing this for the past few Days I went to the Breeze Islands and Then Declined the offer to join team earth [Working on another one to Join them] And then I went to the Ranger HQ and they told me to go to Mt.Krystal finished it and NOw the Stone thing keeps on telling me to go to Lustersand town I just dont know how to
Lustersand Town is located south from Rainbow City or east from Rintah Town.

Originally Posted by ArceusX999 View Post
Thanks!!!' Now I understand all :D. Oh and how I go to Togen Island? And the others islands below?
Togen Island cannot be accessed (although you can get there if you went to the Bad Mode of the game).

Originally Posted by Linkazoo View Post
how do i start that quest to collect ruby destiny fragments? Chaomega is telling me to meet giratina in shadow valley (which i already did, and chosen to be its trainer) and idk what to do. I cant even get to the shadow valley now cause the cave which leads to it somehow became a dead end...
In the latest available patch, I applied a pyramid inside the tower of fate that will fix that bug. :3

Originally Posted by Linkazoo View Post
all "marts" except the one at hevah league got messed up as well. They dont sell anything (only offer me things marked as ?????). same thing with the guy who sells elemental stones...
I heard that that bug only likes to pop up on mobile emulators...
No idea why. =/

Originally Posted by Lantz View Post
A question:
were the original stats of first generation pokemons modified?
No, but a few of them were replaced and not available.