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    Name: Iris Traver

    Nickname: None

    Age: 11

    Sex: Female

    Dorm: Suicune dorm

    Appearance: In attachments.

    Personality: Iris is often quiet yet cheerful. She is somewhat optimistic, and looks at the better side
    to things, leading her to have a positive attitude. However, her more reserved nature means that her
    optimistic views are rarely spoken. She doesn't often go out to meet new people, and instead prefers to go places on her own. Iris can often find fun things to do just by herself, but most often with her
    Breloom, Deixo Omi. She says that she feels much more at peace by herself. She does try to get to know a few people, but Iris doesn't value friendship as much as other people. She is independent, so Iris doesn't need anyone to guide her or help her through most situations. Iris is known to have a lot of decorum, as she rarely acts up or makes a show of herself. Because she doesn't make herself known, many people simply pass by her, which Iris doesn't mind. She's often a little too formal to other people that she doesn't know.

    Iris is generally calm, and isn't stressed as often as other people. Her sereneness can make her
    underestimate some challenges, but she can cope with the difficult challenge, through patience and
    skill. Other challenges she takes on are met with thorough planning, as Iris often thinks over her
    actions. She doesn't make many goals, therefore Iris often accomplishes her goals without setting them. Iris isn't one to get angry often, and is very even-tempered. What makes her so tranquil is that she gets into few arguments because of her quiet personality.

    History: For all her life, Iris had been living in Jubilife City, Sinnoh. Her family lived in an apartment, like almost all of the other residents of the city. The apartment building was actually one of the most expensive to live in, but Iris had only discovered this after she'd seen the rest of the city. Her family actually had a lot of money, not enough to be considered rich but enough to make them live quite comfortably. She lived with her mother and father, two very caring parents, but it didn't actually matter, seeing as Iris was much more interested in reading about and sketching Pokemon than going to the city park. Her family had a collection of books on Pokemon of every type. Iris found hereself liking Grass types the most, as they were fascinating with the way they created their own poisons and spores. Iris did have a sister, but she only occasionaly visited home. That was because Iris's sister was a Pokemon trainer. Iris would always look up to her older sister, since she seemed so courageous and prideful. Iris was somewhat jealous every time her sister came home to tell her tales of battling and exploration.

    Iris's deep interest in Pokemon didn't go unnoticed by her parents. A month or so before her 8th birthday, Iris was asked what her favorite Pokemon was. She quietly answered with, "Breloom. An amazing species." As Iris simply continued dreaming about what it would be like to have her own Pokemon, her parents were actually contacting her sister. For her 8th birthday, Iris was astounded to wake up and be presented with a Dusk Ball. After opening it in the same fasion as her sister, Iris was even more shocked to see a Breloom, her favorite Pokemon. It was her Breloom, so Iris chose the nickname Deixo Omi.

    After a few years of enjoying herself with her Pokemon, Iris heard about the elite Pokemon Trainer Academy. She was instantly excited, and asked her mother the first chance she got if she could go. Her mother agreed, but only if Iris truly wanted to. Because she did, Iris started studying for the examinations. She did whatever she could: training Deixo on her own, reading any books she could find, and eventually Iris very carefully performed her examinations. She was unsure of how she did, but one morning, she woke up, delighted to find that she'd been accepted. She traveled to the island, bought a new TM for Deixo, and prepared for her first day at the Academy.


    Species: Breloom

    Nickname: Dexio Omi

    Personality: Deixo longs to be with anyone else. He's very outgoing, and seems to want to see as many people as he can. Deixo is sometimes frightened when alone, and is much less independent than his trainer. He can be a little childish at times, therefore he can occasionaly get himself into trouble. His trainer is alwats there for him, though, although Iris can get a little ticked off after a while. Deixo actually is very curious, and yearns to explore. Iris often has to hold him back, but it's just because she cares deeply about her Pokemon. Deixo is also quite caring of Iris, and the two share a seemingly unbreakable bond.

    Lvl: 26

    Moves: Mach Punch, Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Swords Dance
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