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Lyra Damontefeltro

22 | Natural Mage | Eldest Daughter to the Baron of An'Yisse

Main Household

Baron Sylvestre Damontefeltro
Baroness Olyvia Damontefeltro
Lyra Damontefeltro
Cassidy Damontefeltro
Daryan Damontefeltro


The title of Baron has been with the Damontefeltro family for more than a century after pledging their loyalty to the monarchy. The family eventually settled on An’Yisse, a barren island off the coast of Artez, before cultivating it into the civilization it is today. As it was built for agriculture, the island is full of rich acreage and dense, beautiful forests. While it wouldn't be considered a crowded place, An’Yisse has its fair share of citizens, the majority of which are farmers. Being one of the most fertile lands in all of Soldoro, it attracts many new residents who seek prosperity.

However, that doesn’t mean the island is open to just anyone. The Damontefeltro are selective about those who enter An’Yisse seeking permanent residence. This is done to prevent overcrowding and better ensure the peace and prosperity of the island. Newcomers to An’Yisse are thoroughly vetted and, since there are a limited number of homes available to live in, there is a waiting list while the island is at capacity.

Baron Sylvestre and Baroness Olyvia make up the heads of the main household on An’Yisse. Control for the parts of An’Yisse that the main household did not touch were distributed amongst family members of lower noble rank. An’Yisse is split into four sections with the main house occupying space in the middle. These sections are secured under contracts established by the main house. Favor of the Damontefeltro’s depends entirely upon who has control over which part of the island. Generally, though, the Damontefeltro have positive reception with the main family being the most popular and most adored. This is especially true in areas where the nobles are not particularly liked. Their favor is largely due to the Damontefeltro’s unusual style of visiting their citizens. It isn’t rare to see a member of one of the households in a nearby community shopping or speaking to their citizens. It is even rarer to see them with an escort. This is mostly due to An’Yisse’s high standards and extremely low crime rate.

As Natural Mages, it isn’t surprising that the Damontefeltro have an affinity for nature itself. They are known for their advocacy for clean practices that preserve the health and beauty of wildlife and for perfecting those practices on their own land. Many parts of An’Yisse, especially on the grounds of the main house, act as preserves for rare or exotic plant and animal life. While hunting is allowed on An’Yisse, the practice is not prohibited on large parts of the island. Outside of their island affairs, the Damontefeltro are known for their preference for peace and negotiation rather than war. They also have a name for themselves manufacturing new or more effective species of plants or animals be it for research, innovation, or curiosity.

The Damontefeltro family is almost purely made up of Natural Mages with only the Natural Mages holding power on the island. Since they are natural advocates for peace, the Damontefeltro have no army at their disposal. If the situation is urgent enough to call for their assistance (the war, for example) they call for volunteers within An’Yisse to join into another army. The Damontefeltro’s main contribution to Soldoro is through trade. The products that come from An’Yisse are primarily raw materials from plants and animals. Much less frequently they trade goods, but these are primarily done when they are special requested. Their most sought after products are specialized strains of plant that come directly from the main house. Information about these strains are hidden in secret. However, there are rumors that many of these secret strains were manufactured specifically for the war.

The sigil of the Damontefeltro is a four-winged, horned griffin. This is, of course, due to the animal’s grace, but also because of their role within the family. The egg of the griffin is gifted to the current ruler of the Damontefeltro family at their indoctrination. The griffin grows with the new Baron or Baroness symbolizing a growth in leadership and strength. No more than one of these creatures has been allowed to live on the grounds at once. Though the griffin is a well-known symbol of the Damontefeltro, it is not well known that these are not true griffins. They are actually manufactured to bare the same look and eminence of the sigil, but are in truth just copies.


From a young age, Natural Magic came easy to Lyra. The concepts she learned in books, from tutors, or from her parents took very little effort for her to do well. Growing flowers, fruits, trees, vines, and other plants were almost like a second nature. Even the more scientific concepts, though more complicated in their application, seemed to her fairly easy to replicate. Plant magic very quickly became a boring concept for her to study. What did catch her interest was transformation magic.

Unlike making plants grow, turning into an animal wasn’t easy. Though the incantations were simple, the actual act of changing was not. Either it wouldn’t work at all or not to the extent she wanted. When they caught wind of it, Lyra’s parents forbade her to continue practicing the magic until she was older. To them, ten was just too young to begin attempting a technique that could possibly have permanent adverse effects. Lyra, however, wasn’t the type to listen and went about learning on her own anyways. Her study of animals and transformation techniques distracted Lyra from her lessons and she soon neglected them altogether. Her parents attempts to stop her--assign someone to watch her, give her more work, put her in charge of her young brother’s lessons--were to no avail. She would find a way out of all of their plans.

It was Olyvia who suggested the compromise. They would give her a companion that she could transform instead of herself. She expected Lyra to slow down or altogether cease her practice if she saw the effects of transformation magic on someone else. That companion would be a young, dark-colored snake engineered by the Damontefeltro to have near human intelligence. Lyra affectionately named the snake Edwyn and resumed her lessons quickly. Olyvia’s plan had worked as she’d hoped. Lyra grew to love Edwyn and it was inevitable that one of her experiments would fail. She had successfully turned Edwyn into a bird but turning him back did not go nearly as well. He was a snake again, but… With feathers. After the pains of talking Edwyn through anxiety about his appearance it became clear to Lyra that her magic had consequences. Needless to say, Edwyn was not happy with her, but he was patient to wait for her to fix it. After a year and a half she was able to remedy some of her mistake, but not completely reverse it.

Along with her magic lessons, Lyra was required to learn about politics and how to navigate through a political world. Also, as the heir, it is her duty to navigate and understand the dealings of the Damontefeltro. Much like plant magic, most of this came easy to her. Lyra has always been a socialite. She enjoys speaking to others and as such she is adept at speaking in casual groups or in political settings. Lyra can get a little carried away in her socializing and frequently finds her conversations ending in the bedroom. Even still, she is an outstanding negotiator and navigates skillfully through contracts, financial documents, and the other internal aspects of politics. Though she was strategic about paperwork politics, she was not very good at the dirty side of things.

The dirty side meaning war, covert operations, hostile takeovers, and... well… All the deadly sides of politics. These concepts were lost on Lyra. Not to say she doesn’t know what they are or why they’re done, but she doesn’t understand the best way to go about these things. If she looks to her parents for answers they turn her down, letting her know time and time again that it isn’t their family’s way to participate in such activities. They keep to themselves as much as they possibly can and that’s that. Their words sounded hypocritical, especially when Lyra considered her family’s contributions to the war. When she argued this with her father, Sylvestre shut her down and said it was a sign of immaturity that she would consider breaking the Damontefeltro promise of peace. The argument left her feeling weak. Not weak compared to her father, but to the world beyond An’Yisse.

How could they expect An’Yisse to continue to prosper without ever being willing to take up arms? She understood avoiding war whenever necessary, but how could they be so ill-prepared? Their little island had its defenses, but it wouldn’t be enough to fend off an attack from any real threat. An’Yisse needed to see changes and, as heir, she felt it was up to her to ensure those changes happened. Lyra’s feelings of vulnerability drove her to find strength.

With a little persuasion, she was able to convince the more combat-strong branches of their family to teach her how to use her magic offensively. And, with Edwyn’s help, she retrieved any texts on war and conquest she could possibly find on the island (there were not many). Her additional training taught her not only how to defend herself, but to attack and--if need be--kill her opponent. She took what she learned and passed it onto her siblings, worried that their lack of knowledge would end in their demise. Sadly, Lyra didn’t get nearly as far into her studies as she’d like before this too was found out by her parents.

Sylvestre gave her an ultimatum. Either Lyra abandon her violent and ambitious studies or she joins the branch of their family she had taken up training with. It was a clear threat. Any Damontefeltro outside of the main house was not eligible to be the heir to An’Yisse. She conceded and ceased her activities immediately. Continuing her practice in secret wasn’t worth the risk of losing her chance to improve An’Yisse once it was her time to take her father’s place. It was Edwyn who revealed to her that her parents were considering taking away her right to An’Yisse and bestowing it upon her brother, Cassidy. Lyra believed before then that the key to regaining her parent’s favor was to appease them, but now she saw it was time to eliminate her competition.

Nothing violent. Lyra loved her family and wouldn’t do anything to harm them. Her strategy was instead to exploit their weaknesses and make them less desirable than she was. For the last four years, Lyra grew Cassidy’s easy-going personality and Daryan’s timidity. It was hard work at first to consider every conversation more than just talking but as an opportunity or an angle which she could exploit. Now, it was like second nature. A nature that’s hard for her to shake.

When the king called for an heir, Lyra saw another opportunity. It didn’t matter if her father revoked her right to An’Yisse if she eventually became queen. Not only could she make changes to An’Yisse from the throne, but she could ensure all of Soldoro was properly protected. Not to mention, the time leading up to her crowning would be more than enough to learn in the vast libraries and under the expert tutelage available to the king’s heir. Her parents may not have been completely happy about it, but the king’s call wasn’t one they could ignore. She would be leaving for Avilla and, if the King’s favor fell on her, she wouldn’t be returning.


The Damontefeltro aren't considered an elite force, but they can hold their own in battle, whether they must take the offensive or not. Lyra is no exception. Like many of her family members she specializes in plant-based magic and uses rapidly growing plants to administer long range attacks towards her opponents. This can come in the form of tendrils, projectiles, or mists. To increase the potency of their abilities, it isn’t uncommon for a Damontefeltro to create a dense forest around them for cover. For close combat fighting, Lyra utilizes partial transformation. However, her training focuses on keeping the opponent as far away as possible so she can only stay close range successfully for a relatively short time. Lyra usually only uses full transformation to fight in high-risk battles. The only other times she uses full transformation magic is for quick transportation, stealth, and escape. Lyra seldom uses her powers of animal control. She only really takes advantage of it if she can’t get what she wants asking nicely.

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