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    Originally Posted by OrpheusZero View Post
    I have a Regirock in my Diamond I could trade you :D

    Lv40 (Slightly Touched, can remove the EVs if you really want but it'd take a little time)
    Quiet Nature
    OT John
    ID 25359
    i don't know IVs sorry

    I'm interested in the Bold Flawless Happiny, the Jolly Flawless Dratini, or the Adamant Flawless Magikarp.

    I also have a lot of Unova Dex fillers so just name a handful and I can probably get some of them :D
    Is the Regirock Shiny?
    If it is, you can have all 3 :D

    Originally Posted by chaos56 View Post
    Don't know if you saw my other post, but I really want your Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi. I can offer some other shiny Pokemon, Victini, or any Gen V you may need I most likely have.
    Are the Shinies Gen V?
    Jirachi is held out for special trades only, cause it is an extremely rare pokemon

    Originally Posted by gameplayer56 View Post
    Hmm, what do you want for your Shiny Latias besides Regirock?
    Ah, Do you have an EV'd pokes?

    Originally Posted by Tux View Post
    Hi, I am new to this forum ^_^"

    But I am interested in your Chimchar that has Blaze Kick and Thunderpunch and what I have is limited to mostly 5th gen but I also have some previous gens as well ^^

    For the 5th gen just ask and I might have it ^^ the only ones I dont are Thundurus, Landorus or Tornadus.......but I do have the new musketeer trio ^^
    I dont know what the musketeer trio is (my BW knowledge is very kimited at the moment) so maybe one of them?
    You'd have to inform me if thats a fair trade, if its not, my Unova dex isnt doing brilliantly, so I can find something else im missing

    Originally Posted by Mozarch4 View Post
    I am intersted in the shiny EVd dragonite and thr shiny EVd heatran

    I dont have a regirock, here is what I can offer :

    shiny EVd porygon-z
    EVd primeape
    EVd yanmega
    shiny EVd arcanine
    Porygon Z and Arcanine sound good.

    Originally Posted by Eurydice View Post
    hey could u cmt for the reshiram?
    i have a zekrom its touched tho or i can offer all the starters for it. ^_^
    Eury, I'll give you Reshiram for free, you gave me 3 free pokes yesterday. Its the least I can do
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