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Although, tbh i dont think its fair that both Event Organizers, who are going to be the most committed to this challenge, are on the same team :S
You do realize you have Myrrhman on your team, right? I mean, not to put Karpman down or anything, but Myrrh blazes through games like a boss. If anything, I was thinking y'all had an advantage. Just cause we're event organizers doesn't mean we're total champs at speed running. lol I know I'm not. Sorry Team Zard! /shot Plus either way, there would have been two EOs on one team, so yeah. Don't feel too cheated. D; The team organization also depended on who was doing what, and because of that, all EOs were placed on teams last, to fill in the cracks. I got put against Destiny Demon and then that left Karp and Myrrh sooo yeah. Just telling you this cause you're legit making me feel bad now. XD;

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