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How come I aren't on a team? I signed up early, too.
I feel so dumb. How in the world did I miss your sign up? fffffffffffffff.

Username: jdthebud
Games available: HeartGold
ROM/Hard Copy: ROM
Preferred Types of Challenge: Nuzlocke, Solo
If anyone on either team is willing to double up, that'd be nice. Do you have any other games available? It was hard to find a suitable opponent for Destiny Demon, since he signed up with two DS games, and since you've signed up for one, it's even harder to find a match. Daaaamn, I feel stupid now. I am really, so so sorry. I don't know HOW I missed it. Probably when I restarted the chart in Excel. -sigh-

So im going against somebody with a ROM (which I hear is faster)...will that be taken into account? (lol yea here I am whining agian ;$)
No speed up buttons allowed, and they don't really run faster (to my knowledge), so it shouldn't make a difference. Speed up buttons messes up their time and makes it go up faster, so it's their own bad if they do that.

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